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How To Have A Pinterest Worthy Room

We’ve all been there. Pinning our hearts away, finding new boards of amazing things that we can’t afford to buy for our dorm or apartment rooms. Lucky for you, I somehow mastered to have a “Pinterest board room”, according to my friends. Here is a little “tour” of my apartment bedroom to inspire your next room makeover!


First things first, the bed. As you can see, my favorite color is gray, so everything must be a hue of gray in my room. How cute is this bedding from Dormify? Not to mention the ultimate pillow for beauty queens. If I could use anything to describe myself, it would be this pillow. 

Not only is bedding important for coziness, but wall tapestries and decor make all the difference. This popular black and white American flag tapestry is from Urban Outfitters. Not only is it a HUGE focal point, it adds a unique feature wall to your room. While tapestries can be a symbol of expression, smaller decor can be just as appealing. Something simple, such as your name on a home made pennant banner, can make your room feel more like yours. 


Photos are a way to display your favorite memories. Having a display for your photos can really make a difference in your room. For me, I love using my Polaroid camera. I never knew how to display these photos until I came across this fairy light display. Not only is it a great way to show off your photos, but it also serves as a soft, elegant light source!


My desk serves as the only spot I can work and be productive. If I try and do work while laying in bed, I’ll either fall asleep or wind up watching Netflix. This is where the magic happens after I have my daily dose of coffee. How cute are these prints off of Etsy? Not only are they quick to download, but I had them printed and framed all in the same day. Find images and quotes that speak to you. What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? What makes you smile? These are the questions that these pictures have answered. *Caution, this Etsy shop is extremely cute!*

Now that I have invited you into my room, I hope you can use my space as your inspiration for a new room!

From my room to yours, 

HCXO, Jordan


*This is not a sponsored article


Jordan Ettien

Millersville '17

A recent 2017 grad from Millersville University of Pennsylvania! I hold a bachelor's of science in business administration with a concentration in marketing! I am addicted to Starbucks, cute dogs and candles from Bath and Body Works! When I am not working as a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus or as a Marketing Manager for my full time job, you can find me at the gym teaching Pilates! 
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