Happy Thoughts: A Few Things to Look Forward to After Finals

Stressed about finals? Don't think you can make it? Understandable, but just remember that soon the semester will be all over! Here are some things to remind yourself of when you feel too overwhelmed.

1. Christmas is almost here!!

Just think in less than a week you will be home with your family again and ready to spread holiday cheer. The only deadline you need to worry about is getting all your presents together before Christmas!



2. You can see all your friends from home.

The holidays are great to bring everyone together; not only your family, but all your friends from your hometown will be so excited to see you!



3. No more cafeteria food!

Let’s hear it for Mom’s cooking! Remember to count your blessings this holiday season, not calories. Did you know calories don’t count over holidays?



4. Free laundry!

Three dollars every week for laundry can add up much more quickly than I like to realize, save up all your dirty clothes for a few days longer and get yourself some Starbucks with your laundry quarters!

5. Seeing your pets!

Just think about how excited your furry friends will be to see you! You have an entire month for long walks in the park, snuggles, trips to PetSmart and so much more!


6. A chance to get more money

Working and being a full time student can be difficult, and I know most of us probably are only working limited hours. Over break you can stuff up your pockets with money. Or on the contrary, if you’re not working, you can just relax for an entire month!



7. You can experience your hometown in a new light

I think often we get so used to our surroundings that we don’t fully appreciate where we are. Take a day this break to be a tourist in your own hometown and explore new places. You may just find a new favorite park or cafe!




I think we all could afford longer nights of rest and some daily naps to recover from the semester. Think of nice it will be to be up at 2 AM watching The Office and not studying.


9. More free time to do what you enjoy

I am excited to have more time to do some reading and writing over the break, as I’m sure you have hobbies you enjoy but haven’t been able to do much because of school. Soon you can take a little more time for yourself!


10. Simple pleasures of being home and using your own stuff

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to sleep in my bed, make my eggs the way I like them, sit on my couch and watch Netflix while I eat breakfast, go to my home gym, and just be with my family and my boyfriend doing all of our favorite things!

I know finals week can be ~uber~ stressful, but hang in there! You’re almost there and soon you will have more time to do all the things you enjoy! You got this! Have a fantastic break!


*All photos courtesy of Giphy