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If you’re at all like me, you prepare for Halloween the entire month of October and have been excited for it long before that. If you have a significant other, here are a few fun date ideas that are perfect to get you and your partner into a spooky mindset. If you are single or do not like to be scared, fear not! Most of these dates won’t leave you in a fright; and these activities are also perfect for friends.

1. Movie night under the stars

If you have a screen or even just a white sheet and projector, you can watch scary movies outside in the crisp fall air. Bring a lot of blankets and pillow and snuggle in close. If you don’t have a projector, a movie night inside is just as fun! Personally, one of my favorite scary movies is The Silence of the Lambs.

2. Decorating your living space

A perfect way to welcome Halloween is simply to put on some eerie music and put up ghosts and goblins in your apartment, house, or dorm room. Dollar Tree has great decorations and obviously, inexpensively. My boyfriend and I love picking out our decorations and putting them up while dancing to some Melanie Martinez.

3. Pumpkin picking and carving

Who doesn’t love going to the pumpkin patch and selecting their own ideal pumpkin? Often, pumpkin patches will also have other real decorations like gourds and cornstalks if you didn’t get enough at Dollar Tree. Once you’ve chosen your perfect pumpkin, it’s time to get messy and carve them. Personally, I am awful at this, but it is always fun to do and laugh at my attempts!

4. Ghost tours/ haunted houses/ Field of Screams

This date idea is definitely for couples who like a little fright. These three activities are sure to get your adrenaline rising and your heart racing.There are many different types ghost tours in Gettysburg, all fun and spooky!  Make sure to stand close to your honeybun, you never know what will be around the next corner!

5. Handing out candy to kids

This is obviously more laid back, but I always love seeing the little children’s costumes as they come trick or treating. I always love daydreaming about when I will be able to take my own children trick or treating!

6. Planning a Halloween party or going to a Halloween party

Planning a party for you and your friends can be extremely fun or extremely stressful! If you’re up for the challenge, planning a party with your significant other is a great way to work as a team. If party planning isn’t really up your alley, try dropping hints to your friends with good planning skills!

7. Planning and shopping for couple’s costumes

One of the benefits of having a significant other is couples costumes! Couple costumes are a great way to show everyone at a party you are happily off the market. One you’ve selected your favorite power couple or dynamic duo, it’s time to go shopping for your costumes! You may even get inspired and change them around a little bit.

8. Picking apples and going for a hayride through the orchards

Take a picnic up to your local orchard and spend an afternoon hiding in the trees together. Hopefully, the orchard will also have free hayrides, if not, many outdoor fall festivals often have them. They are a great way to take in the chilly fall air and snuggle up next to your sweetie.

9. Going to a corn maze

What better way to test your partnership than testing your skills in a corn maze! You can even sneak some kisses when you get a little too lost. Maize Quest in New Park, Pennsylvania is one of the best corn fields on the east coast!

10. Baking Halloween Goodies

Halloween is a time full of sweet treats; since most of us probably don’t trick or treat anymore, we can still indulge in homemade goodies. Pinterest is full of delicious and spooky treats that will delight anyone’s sweet tooth. And did you know baking with your significant other makes your food taste better? Not really, but it sure is more fun if you two are dancing around the kitchen together.


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