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Four Fashion Trends to Try this Holiday Season

So many different fashion trends are emerging this winter season, and I decided to pick some of my absolute favs and spotlight them, as well as offer some products that are great ways to test out the trend! I encourage you to try one or two of these out, you may already have some of the products in your home since some of these trends are reemerging from years past!

1.) Leopard print

This fabulous print is going to take the winter months by storm! Leopard print first emerged in the 1960’s in the Bohemian movement. It can be incorporated into an outfit in discrete ways like with a scrunchie (Amazon, $5.99) or a headband (ASOS, $9.50), or you can embrace the trend with open arms and go for a leopard print jacket (Forever 21, $15.00) or pants! (Garage, $20.00).

2.) Dad sneakers

Yes, you heard that right! Break out your big, bulky sneakers from middle school, because the style is making a huge comeback all over the internet. The famous designer Balenciaga is known for their shoes in this style, but for something a bit less pricey, check out FILA Disruptor IIs (DSW, $64.99) or the Nike M2K Teknos (Nike, $100).


3.) Star prints

Clothing brands everywhere are using this celestial pattern in their products this season, and everyone is living for it! Check out this mesh star top (Nasty Gal, $12.00) and these Steve Madden sneaks (Zappos.com, $47.99) for great ways to test out the print!

4.) Uggs, yes, they’re coming back.

You read that right, Uggs are making a return this season! Check out this best-selling pair of Uggs on their website (UGG, $160) or check out this more affordable alternative (DICKS, $29.99).


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Libby Sweet

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Libby Sweet is a freshman at Millersville University. She is a Public Relations major who is involved in Relay for Life, the Public Relations Student Society of America, and HerCampus. In her free time, she enjoys making music, making art, and manifesting her goals. She is also vegetarian and is passionate about the wellbeing of those around her. To hear more from Libby, follow her on Instagram at @sweetliibby.
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