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I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite season and time of year. The weather is chilly, and I’m able to cuddle up in sweaters and hoodies. I love the seasonal flavors of pumpkin and apple. The leaves transform into beautiful arrays of red, orange, and yellow, signifying a fresh start. Halloween and Thanksgiving occur in the fall, and they are two of my favorite holidays. They both bring family and friends together to celebrate. Another aspect that excites me is going on fun fall dates with my boyfriend and friends.

Let’s be honest, we are college students and don’t have the money to spend on elaborate dates. These are easy and affordable fall dates to go on with your significant other or friends. Fall can be fun without spending a fortune.

go to a pumpkin patch and pick out ones to carve

Pumpkin patches scream “fall.” You and your date can have fun choosing your own pumpkins to decorate your house with or carve. A pumpkin patch is the perfect place to take cute photographs to remember the day. Usually at these kinds of places, you can get apple cider or fall treats when you get hungry. If you do not have the tools to carve pumpkins, they sell a very inexpensive kit at Target which includes stencils and carving ideas. This date is very affordable and takes up a good amount of time to make a day out of it.

Fall Photoshoot
Original photo by Alexa Galas
go to a local fall festival and walk around

I am always looking on Facebook for local events happening, such as fall festivals and fairs. Many of these events have vendors of all kinds and food trucks. I have been to fall fests at orchards, and they are really fun because they have activities like hayrides, pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and shopping. They are great events for all ages, and they are typically free or very inexpensive to get into them. This date also provides opportunities for photographs (maybe even on a Polaroid camera). 

have a halloween movie fest with fall treats

This date is free besides the fall treats you pick up at the store or make. On all of the streaming services, there are a variety of Halloween and fall movies to choose from. Some of my favorite comfort movies for Halloween are: Hocus Pocus; The Nightmare Before Christmas; It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; Edward Scissorhands; and Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you are into scary movies, you can also choose to have a horror movie marathon. You and your date can go to the grocery store and pick out your favorite fall snacks and popcorn. You can even make a fort to hide out in to watch the movies. If you have a movie projector, you could watch it outside on a nice night or project it on a blank wall in your home. Grab cozy blankets and put on sweatpants and fuzzy socks, and you’re ready to go!

go to the pennsylvania renaissance faire for an afternoon

This is probably the most expensive date out of the five I am offering. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is so much fun if you have never been to it. It takes you back in time to the Renaissance and the various arts and theatre that go along with it. There are a variety of live performances, vendors, attractions to see, and delicious food (They have giant turkey legs if you are into that). It takes place every weekend until Halloween, and each week is a different theme. My boyfriend and I are trying to find a weekend to go amidst our busy schedules. We are going to go to the thrift store and Spirit of Halloween to piece together costumes to wear to it. You and your date can do the same because it adds to the fun of the whole event! Tickets are just over $30.00 per person.

Here is the main Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire website: http://www.parenfaire.com

map out a hiking trail and have a picnic

Finally, hiking in the fall is the best because the weather is chilly, so you can wear layers and not get hot. The leaves are changing and falling down which adds to the beauty of the hike and being in nature. There are many local trails in the Lancaster area, such as Chickies Rock, Pinnacle Point, and the Marietta River Trail. Even when I researched trails for this article, I found various ones I never heard of that look beautiful to hike. If you want, you can even pack a lunch and bring a blanket or hammock to have a picnic mid-hike.

Here are websites for good hiking trails and parks in the Lancaster area:




Since fall break is almost upon us, I hope you are able to plan a fun date with your significant other or friends! You deserve to take a break from school and work and be able to enjoy yourself. Fall weather is almost here, so now is the time to take advantage of it and enjoy yourself.



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