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Picture I took of myself in Philadelphia wearing a shag jacket
Picture I took of myself in Philadelphia wearing a shag jacket
Kaylee Tada

Feeling Confident in New Clothes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

You’re at the mall. So far, you’ve only picked up a few basic pieces from your favorite stores. Nothing too exciting…but then, you pass an incredible dress in the window of a store you’ve never seen before. This dress is nothing like you’ve ever seen and you absolutely have to have it. Of course, you go in and buy it. When you get home, you’re staring at the dress asking yourself, ‘Where am I going to where this?” It’s eccentric and out of your comfort zone, so it sits in your closet for months on end. You keep telling yourself that you’ll find the right time and place to wear it but that time and place never comes.


I know it’s hard to find the courage to wear that crazy dress. It’s easy to feel confined to one style of fashion. Here are some of my favorite fashion confidence tips and a look through the outfits that intimidate me.

1. Practice wearing the clothes by yourself and with close friends. Your friends will hype you up and help you style your new look to perfection because they want you to feel your best.

2. Comfort is key. If your clothes fit you incorrectly, you’ll be fixated on your clothes in a negative way. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, the confidence will come naturally.

Picture I took of myself in Philadelphia wearing a shag jacket
Kaylee Tada


This jacket is kind of intense. It’s a handmade colorful shag jacket made from about two pounds of yarn! It’s one of those pieces that you have to wear with intention. I wore it to Outfest in Philadelphia for the first time because I love the way it moves when I dance. By pairing the jacket with a bralette and shorts I felt comfortable in I felt good all day. Festivals are a great place to experiment with new outfits because just about everyone there is experiementing with crazy clothes too.

3. Keep your head high! As in posture. Deep breath, shoulders back and strut girl. Even if you don’t feel your best, you’ll look like you do. Fake it ‘til you make it

Picture I took of myself in a casual outfit in front of a tapestry
Kaylee Tada
One great way to practice posture and confidence is to have a photoshoot! For this picture I threw on this floral print thrifted jacket  with a basic black shirt, a comfy pair of jeans, and some bright Vans to match the jacket. I asked my roommates and best friends to help me take some photos. When I posed for the camera it was hard not to feel good. ​I’m excited to add this jacket to my regular wardrobe.

4. Collect style inspiration. Pinterest is your friend. Find pictures that represent how you want to feel in your new look. If other people can rock that look, so can you.

Picture I took of myself in a black dress with spider lights
Kaylee Tada
I’ve always loved experimenting with goth style but finding the confidence to wear certain pieces can be hard. I found this dress on instagram and thank goodness the poster tagged the maker of this dress. I knew I needed it. Instagram and Pinterest are great if you’re looking for inspiration to change up your look. Sometimes seeing other badass women rocking a look is just what you need to feel good about what you want to wear. 

5. Remember you are a goddess above and beyond the looks and comments of others. If you turn heads, good, let them stare. You are amazing.





Kaylee Tada

Millersville '20

Kaylee is a senior chemistry major at Millersville University with a passion for makeup and colored hair. She's a licensed cosmetologist and barber. Her favorite things to write about are fashion, sustainability, and body positivity.
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