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Where did the time go? *sobbing*

As I sit in the same place at home I have sat for hours and hours completing countless assignments and happily typing up articles over the last few years, I can’t believe that this chapter of my life will soon be coming to an end. There were many times when it felt like I would never make it to the end of a project, the end of a semester, the end of a school year, but guess what? I did. I made my way to the end of all of it, all the way to the end of my time in college.

I love learning. I always have. From the time I was three years old, I used to constantly ask my mom and grandparents when I would be old enough to go to school. My birthday is in October, so I had to wait until I was nearly five before I could attend preschool. It was there that my best friend Annie and I began our friendship. Throughout grade school, we were often in the same class, which we could not have been happier about. We went to high school at different schools. We learned how to keep our friendship strong even though we couldn’t see each other every day. Since then, she has had so many amazing adventures. I love learning about new places and perspectives through her stories and photos. I am so glad that some things never change, and that she will be with me as I explore this new adventure. Annie, if you are reading this, thank you for being the most amazing friend and sister that a girl could ask for. The people of Belize are so lucky to get to share this time with you, and I’m so excited that we’re getting you back in PA soon (even if it is just for a little while)!

I love Her Campus. In high school, I was reading articles from all over the country before I even knew which college I would attend. After transferring from HACC to Millersville, I soon discovered that Millersville had its very own HC chapter. I was thrilled to join this supportive group of people all dedicated to the cause of empowering women and doing one of my favorite things of all time: writing! Over the past 2 ½ years, I have made so many cherished memories and friendships in this club. It has been my greatest source of joy, distraction, and friendship here at Millersville.

I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people I met in this club. I can’t believe our time together is almost over. I loved being your bonding event coordinator for two semesters and coming up with fun ways for us all to grow closer together! You are all a treasure, and I am so glad I met you and got to laugh with you during the annual Millersville parade, get together with you at meetings and share the woes of our insane classes and lives, and come up with sweet little gifts for each other for our Secret Santa last semester. I loved our movie nights, game nights, picnic, trip to Lancaster Cupcake, and all the other fun things we got to do together. I will also forever cherish our adorable pink HC sweatshirts.

Shoutout to all my fellow exec board members. . . you are all truly wonderful and it has been a pleasure serving the other amazing people in this club with you! I love you all and will miss each and every one of you – although I hope you know you can’t get rid of me just because I’m graduating. ;)

To the end of an era but certainly not an end to writing, friendships, both old and new, or my memories of this club. Those will be with me forever. To all my friends in this club, please still send me random texts to get together for bonding events, Her Carnival, whatever. I would love to hang out with you all! I mean it!!

Thank you to my mom, my grandma and grandpa, my boyfriend Bradley, my dad and Kim, my other family and friends (especially my Her Campus people!), the people at my church, my cats, and everyone else who has supported me! I am so excited for what comes next, but I am also nostalgic for times gone by. In the words of Winnie-the-Pooh, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Let’s not let this be goodbye, okay?

Autumn Schmoel

Millersville '23

Hi! I'm Autumn, a senior at Millersville University majoring in business administration and minoring in entrepreneurship. I’m also the bonding coordinator for Millersville’s chapter of Her Campus. I love reading, writing, and crafting (you name it)!