You all know that dyed hair is the trend right now. You see unicorn hair, mermaid hair, sunset hair everywhere. #hairgoals this, #hairgoals that. But then you see those articles that say “find the right hair color for you!” and you start to question dying your hair the color you’ve been dreaming of for the past two months. Is it the right color for your skin tone? Will it affect your wardrobe? Do you have to change the way you do your makeup?

The answer? NO!!!

I have been dying my hair on my own for the last four years of my life. The picture included in this article is me last year with mint green hair. Never in those four years have I questioned the color I wanted to have my hair. Note, my hair has been every single color of the rainbow within those past four years. I have loved and hated colors, but I have NEVER not dyed my hair because I didn’t think it would look right with my skin or outfits or makeup.

I also have never listened to anyone else when they told me their opinions about my hair. Again, their opinions about my hair. People have said I’d be prettier with natural hair. They’ve told me the color didn’t fit my skin tone. They’ve said all my hair would fall out if I kept putting ‘those chemicals’ in it.

 Don’t listen to those people. Don’t listen to those articles.

If you want to dye your hair a wild, electric green, do it! If you want pretty pastel purple hair, make that happen! If you want it to look like fire, like water, like the sky at night, go for it! It will look absolutely amazing, I promise you. It will complement your skin tone, show off your personality, and make people's heads turn. It is self expression at its finest.

 So what colors are you interested in? I have a few suggestions to get you started.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, do half of your head one color and half another, or go all in using a vibrant shade. No matter what people and articles say, you can rock any color you want. It is your hair and your creativity. Live colorful.

*All images courtesy of Giphy