Dealing With Cancellations and Disappointments: COVID-19 Edition

Lately in today’s news and society, our new “normal” is cancelling major events, family and friend gatherings, and coffee dates that we were looking forward to. For high school and college seniors, their graduations, final dance recitals, sporting events, or performances were taken away from them. Many of them did not get the chance to say goodbye to friends or professors that were in their lives from the beginning.

While I am not a college senior, many of my friends are. The word that keeps coming up in conversations is “disappointment.” That is a hard word to deal with. Disappointment isn’t either mad or sad, its more of a letdown. Those seniors who will not get to walk across the stage in front of their family and receive a diploma are disappointed. Those teams that worked hard all season and hardly got to play are disappointed. The students completing their student teaching that did not say goodbye to their co-ops or students are disappointed. I am also disappointed with how everything is ending, but here are a few ways that are helping me through it.  

graduation caps in air Unsplash

By focusing on the good, I am able to look past the disappointment. I know that while I hate not being at Millersville right now with all of my friends, I am still able to talk to my friends through FaceTime, or even Zoom if we are desperate. If you’re looking for a way to interact with your friends, try playing games through texting or downloading apps that allow you to play together!

With this quarantine comes time at home with family. While I am still adjusting to living at home again, I love the opportunity to watch "Gilmore Girls" and Hallmark movies with my mom and eat my dad’s home-cooked meals. For those of you that are struggling to readjust to a new environment, remember that family time is great, but sometimes you need time to yourself. Find a spot that is just for you and use it for schoolwork, reading, or even just to watch a movie.

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This time at home might also be the perfect time to start working out for some people! The gym is scary, I get it. Being in your own home is the most comfortable place to start. Many fitness profiles on Instagram are sharing at home workouts that work for most people. If you’re feeling bored one day, look up some workouts on Instagram or Pinterest and give them a shot.

Use this opportunity to go outside! Literally the only thing that is open anymore is the outdoors! Take this chance to take a walk outside (preferably by yourself because of social distancing). Sit outside for a minute when you need a break from online classes or just if you want to feel the sunshine.

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While so many things are being cancelled and we are all disappointed with outcomes, it’s important that we come together in this time and focus on the positive. These next few weeks are going to be hard, but positivity spreads when people need it most.


HCXO, Laura Sheaffer