College As Told By "The Office"

Though it went off the air in 2013, The Office remains to be one of the most enjoyed and quoted shows among college students. Part of that may be just how much we relate to the quirky characters’ personalities. Though this isn’t necessarily a “motivational show,” I think that there can be some hidden messages that help us students get through the day and give us a laugh. Here of the most relatable and motivational quotes from The Office that speak to every college student.


We all know what it's like when you swear your professor isn't using English anymore, and you just want to raise your hand and say this...


Ya know when you finally start your first internship that classes, “have been preparing you for,” since you started college?


When you have 3 tests, 2 papers, a project due next week, you don’t feel good AND you have $4.83 in your bank account.


Maybe most of us don’t always make the best choices we could, but friendly reminder to think like Dwight Schrute and not do anything too idiotic.


When someone leaves you on read for over 48 hours and then reply with, “sorry I was sleeping.”


Does anyone else hold off on buying necessities as long as they possibly can to see if they can make it to pay day?


When you meet someone and you have to explain your name, major, hometown, after graduations plans AGAIN.


When the professor starts with, “This won’t be on the exam but you should probably know…”


Getting your exam back like…



Thinking about all the homework due on Monday but it’s Friday.


When you need those participation points for the day but definitely did not do the reading for that class.


Balancing friends and relationships can be difficult, but always make sure you’re keeping time for your friends, they always have your back!


Actual footage of me taking a test.


Ya know when you sit and stress about all the work you have to do and then choose to watch The Office?

I think this is self explanatory, but remember it’s okay to take a study break and treat yourself a little bit!

Remember, you got this! You are strong and powerful


If the world’s best boss is saying to never give up, it must be true!


Though college can be tough at times, try to embrace all the fun you’re having, because it flies by quickly!!


*All images courtesy of Giphy