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Christian Copeland, BSU President

Name:Christian Copeland

Hometown: West Philadelphia 

Age: 20 

What is your major? My major is Speech Communication with a concentration in communication studies.

What is your job? My job as President of BSU (Black Student Union) is to act as the “face” of the organization and delegate in a professional manner. When I say ‘face’, I mean being professional and making sure everything is running well for the organization.

What is BSU and what does it mean to you? BSU is an organization that not only caters to African-Americans, but promotes diversity. BSU is an organization that promotes activities and helps minorities become an integral part to the university as well.

What made you want to join BSU? The people made me join; I noticed how professional they were and I noticed that this organization was stepping stone for me to become involved on campus.


What do you like most about BSU? The thing I like about BSU is the progress that the organization makes every year. We thrive to become the best organization on campus. We thrive to help all students and we thrive for success. Our determination describes our organization as a whole.

If you could change anything about your organization what would it be? Why? I wouldn’t change anything. Change can transform the dynamics of the organization in ways unforeseen. I’d rather watch the progress we make instead of looking for something to change. Improvement is key and we can improve on plenty of things, but I do not see anything we should change just yet.

How long have you been involved with BSU? I’ve been involved with BSU since I was freshman. I am a sophomore now finishing my second semester.

What’s your favorite part of being in the organizaion? My favorite part about the organization is being able to deal with the different personalities! It’s great getting to know people’s weaknesses and strengths just so you can help them with self-improvement. Helping others is the best part!

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A 20 year old college student at Millersville University.I am a sophomore majoring in Communication with a option in broadcasting.My plans in the future is to someday be on E! Entertainment Television either as a tv producer or tv personality.
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