Cheap Dorm DIY's!

For college students, having money is a rarity. Between buying supplies for our classes, buying food, and of course, paying tuition, we don’t have the financial freedom to decorate our rooms to the nines and replicate every aesthetic Pinterest picture. To help out my fellow broke college students, I put together a list of ways to decorate your dorm cute using cheap DIY’s!

  1. 1. Pictureframe Dryerase Board

    Dry erase boards can be expensive! Why not make one yourself? All you need for this DIY is a picture frame (hint: there are great ones at the Dollar Store) and cute piece of paper to put in it! Once complete, you have a cute and functional way to write out your to-do lists, test dates, or reminders!

  2. 2. Empty Candle Item Holder

    This DIY is insanely easy because all it requires you to do is burn a candle! Once you have a completely empty candle jar, simply clean it and fill it up with makeup brushes, pencils, or whatever you can think of. For a more clean and chic look, just remove the label! Not only is this a cheap desk decor option, but also a great way to upcycle!

  3. 3. CD Mirror

    This eye-catching DIY is perfect for anyone looking to make their dorm unique. If you can find a flat mirror and some old CD's that you no longer listen to (because who listens to CD's anymore anyway?) you're good to go! Just smash the CD into pieces using a hammer (safely- wrap the CD in a towel!) and then hot glue the fragments to the frame of the mirror. 

  4. 4. Creative Corkboards

    Almost everyone has a corkboard in their dorm to display their pictures, notes, or reminders. But the basic, neutral color can be so boring to look at! An easy way to fix this is to buy some fabric from the store and use a staple gun or hot glue gun to secure it to the board and voila! You have a super cute, unqiue corkboard! Don't worry about spending too much money on fabric either, because at JoAnn Fabrics you can get scraps of fabric at a great discount!