Celebrating Mean Girls With Some Meme Girls

Mean Girls is a movie we all know and love. October 3rd was declared "Mean Girls Day" because of the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was.

It was October 3rd.

This October 3rd is extra special because it falls on a Wednesday. And on Wednesdays, we make memes. Oh yeah, and wear pink. 

Here are some college related memes to celebrate the occasion. Enjoy, and happy Mean Girls Day!


Monday Mood

Is it truly a Monday if I'm not feeling like I'm face-deep in a trashcan? Probably not. Good thing Mean Girls Day is on Wednesday this year! 


Excuse Me, But That's My Seat...

Nothing says,"That's MY seat that I've sat in for the past FIVE WEEKS" like a sarcastic, "Grool." Even though the situation is neither great, nor cool.


 A Supernatural Coincidence

Nothing feels better than when the class you didn't want to go to in the first place gets canceled. Also, there's like a 30% chance it's already raining. Thanks ESPN!


Fitness Queen

Taking the stairs every now and then certainly helps! Thank god butter isn't a carb! Eating a whole stick while going up a flight of stairs? I'm a fitness guru. 


Betrayal Has Never Hurt This Bad...

Why me? Why today? Where else am I supposed to eat? I guess I have some left over minty foot cream I can taste... 


Can't We All Just Get Along?

I keep trying to resolve arguments with my roommates this way, but they just keep yelling,"She doesn't even go here!" and try to kick me out! When will they listen to me? 



All Memes were created by me, the author but please feel free to use them and share with your friends! Clearly I am not Tina Fey (I wish) therefore I have no rights to the movie images shown. I just have the right to laugh and meme with my friends (you guys).

Enjoy! Happy Meme Girls Day!


 Aliya Brown