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Busting College Myths

After finals week, I will officially be halfway through my college education, and overall, I am relieved. Mainly because now I know what to expect for years 3 and 4. Before college, I had heard so many rumors about what college would be like, and I’m here to dispell those rumors for you.


1. “College is impossible to get A’s or do really well.”

FALSE: I remember when I was still in high school adults would scare the begeebies out of me talking about how college was extremely difficult. I distinctly remember a man at my church telling me if you were a straight A student in high school, you’d probably struggle for C’s. Yes, college is much harder than high school, but as long as you’re willing to work hard and long hours you’ll be just fine.

2. “Making friends is super easy.”

FALSE: Being a transfer student, I had to go through the process of making friends twice. It took me awhile to meet my current friends, but that’s normal. Don’t get nervous if it takes you awhile. Also, friends will still come and go, just like high school. Remember you don’t have to hang on to toxic people just to be “a good friend,” prioritize yourself.


3. “College is so much fun, you’ll never miss home!”

FALSE: Coming from a small town, by graduation I was ready to move onto my next chapter. When I finally got to college, all I wanted to do was go home. My first college was IUP, three hours away from my house, and I remember how excited I was to go home for homecoming. Being back in my little town was like breathing in a breath of fresh air. Don’t worry, I grew to love my school, but it took awhile to feel settled. Don’t feel embarrassed by wanting to go home or missing home.

4. “Once you get to college you’ll never talk to your high school friends again.”

FALSE: I feel like a lot of people try to leave everything before college in the past. Their hometown, their friends, etc. Though I love my college friends so much, I always get super excited to go home for breaks and see my high school friends. They’re some of my best friends ever and I couldn’t imagine leaving them behind.

5. “College is draining.”

TRUE: There is so much happening at once in college, new surroundings, multiple classes and loads of work, new friends, jobs, etc. etc. I think one of the most draining parts of college is that as classes get harder and harder, you notice yourself getting lower grades in your major classes that you’ve always been good at and have a passion for. Don’t give up! Take time to learn and stop assuming you already know everything.

6. “Getting involved is the best way to make friends.”

TRUE: I’ve realized so far I made it sound like college friends aren’t as good as high school friends, which is absolutely not true. Yes, hold onto high school friends and it can be hard to make strong friends, but they are absolutely amazing and it’s exciting to find people with the same interests and drives as you. People in your clubs and classes are great ways to connect with people who share your drives.

7. “The ‘Freshman Stigma’ isn’t real.”

TRUE: In high school, it’s almost embarrassing to just be a freshman. You’re afraid you’ll be seen as lame or annoying just because of your rank. Trust me, as a senior in high school I understood why, but luckily in college the playing field is more even. Don’t be afraid to ask upperclassmen questions, they don’t mind and absolutely won’t make fun of you.

8. “There’s no escape from the Freshman Fifteen.”  *Insert evil music*

FALSE: I was super stressed about gaining the freshmen fifteen, though it didn’t happen to me, it certainly can. I just tried to be more aware of what I was eating and tried do something active at least three or four times a week.

9. “College girls are classy and professional, always looking 10/10”

FALSE: Though we are classy, college girls can be just as much as slobs (I say with love) as anyone else. In high school, I would wear a face full of makeup and at least decent outfits everyday. By sophomore year of college, I gave up with makeup unless I’m really feeling it, and wear leggings, sneakers, and t-shirts basically everyday.

10. “You’re more lax about personal hygiene in college.”

TRUE: Take care of yourself, but if your hair washing standards don’t dwindle a little, are you even in college? Two word ladies: ballcaps and dry shampoo.

11. “You really learn your limits in college.”

TRUE: In college I definitely learned my limits, how long can I wear a pair of jeans without washing them, how little sleep I actually need to function, how long I can wait to buy a new pair of shoes, etc.

12. “The dating pool is so much better!”

PARTLY TRUE: I’ve been happily committed since my junior year of high school, so I’m clearly not the perfect candidate to advise on this, but just from having eyeballs I can tell you college boys are not magical creatures that somehow tranform from the annoying guy in your PE class to the intelligent guy who writes you poems. Granted, there are those boys, but still be weary of college guys. College does not randomly make them “dating material.”

13. “College parties are super wild and fun!”

FALSE: I guess I’m just not the going out type, but most parties are lame lame lame. First, they don’t start until like 11, so until it’s time to go you and yor friends just watch movies and by that time you don’t even wanna go out anymore. Second, you do your makeup and your hair and have to decide if you want to look cute or freeze. Then, you walk around in the freezing cold, IF you even find anything, it’s jam packed and there’s always that guy who’s super annoying. At least try it, but I like smaller get-togethers with my close friends. If you are going to go out, save yourself some time and at least have an actual place to go.

14. “You need a car on campus.”

FALSE: Parking passes are super expensive, and parking is very difficult to find. I just got a car this semester, I was perfectly fine. Everything I needed was on campus. If your friend has a car that’s a nice way to go out and about, but even still the bus is a viable option. The only major issue I had was going home for weekends and breaks.

15. “You and your significant other will break up in college.”

FALSE: Though it often happens, being in college away from each other alone will not be the end of your relationship. The end of your relationships happens when you don’t care enough to make the effort, you realize your ideals don’t align, and your priorities get out of whack. If this happens, your breakup is for the better anyway. A genuine loving relationship can withstand the distance. My boyfriend and I have been at separate colleges for a year now and we’ve barely even had fights. If you know what you want and what you need and you’re willing to make it happen, it will.

I had always heard these myths about college before I came in. Now that the semester is almost over, what do you think?

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Alyssa Dicker

Millersville '20

Alyssa will be graduating in May 2020 with her bachelors in Communications-Public Relations. She also is double minoring in English-Journalism and Marketing. Drawing inspiration from her relationship since 2014, Alyssa's favorite topics to write about are relationships and relationship advice. After school, she is getting married in October to her fiance Brandon, an ICU nurse at UPMC Pinnacle. Professionally, she hopes to work somewhere where she can be an advocate for children. 
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