Binge Worthy Netflix Series

With the holidays and winter break approaching, a cozy Netflix binge by the fire sounds too tempting to resist. So wrap yourself in the softest blanket you own and try out some of these binge-worthy Netflix series suggested below.



If you’re in the mood for a light comedy featuring a group of friends who love grabbing coffee together at central perk, to always being there for each other when times get tough, then this is the series for you.


New Girl

This comedy series centers around a new girl who’s moved to town named Jess, who ends up rooming with three guys in one downtown Los Angeles apartment. As you can imagine things get a little crazy as these four struggle with cohabitation as they try to navigate through their adult lives.




If you’re in the mood for a “keeping it real” type of cute series, then Love is for you. Mickey and Gus have both just gotten out of long term relationships, having lost hope in finding happiness when they coincidentally bump into other in a local convenience store. As sparks fly, insecurities rise, and these two learn how to handle a real adult relationship, will they end up getting that fairy tale happy ever after they always wanted?


Vampire Diaries

Looking for a mystical romance full of drama and unexpected turn of events? Then this is the right CW series for you. The town of Mystic Falls is full of Vampires, Werewolves, and witches who don’t all get along too well. The main character Elena Gilbert is a high school student who lost her parents in a car crash, being the sole survivor. Salvatore brothers Stephan and Damon return to their home of Virginia, Mystic Falls to find themselves repeating history and falling for the same girl. As relationships are tested, Elena finds herself torn between vampire brothers.



For the Marvel fans out their grab some popcorn because things are about to get intense during this action-packed, mystery centering the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. After a childhood chemical accident leaves Matt Murdock blind and with heightened senses. Matt struggles to balance daytime life as a lawyer with nighttime vigilante crime fighting on the streets of New York.


Parks and Recreation

This is a great political comedy featuring the famous Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson and Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer. The show takes place around Leslie Knope, a very passionate deputy director of the Parks and Recreation Department for the town of Pawnee. Her boss Ron Swanson on the other hand, is an extreme anti-government Libertarian. So get ready to laugh as these two work hard to go against each other’s morals.

Enjoy and get to binging!


All photos courtesy of Google.