Billie Eilish Songs For Every Mood

If you havent heard of Billie Eilish, take a moment and open up a new tab and google her. Billie has such a unique image and a powerful voice and can sing so many different genres SO dang well. She has been one of my favorite singers for the past year and I love that her songs are about so many different topics. Below are a few of her songs and moods that they fit into. The next time you find yourself in one of these moods, make sure to give some of her songs a listen!


Sad Boy Hour

-when the party's over


-Six Feet Under


Boss Girl:

-you should see me in a crown


-party favor



-ocean eyes




Love Songs:

-i love you


-come out and play


Upbeat/Savage Songs:

-my boy

-bad guy

-bury a friend

-my strange addiction


These a just a FEW of my favorite songs by Billie, and I recommend that you check out all of her albums and singles to listen to even more of her musical magic!! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Billie Eilish and I hope that now you can appreciate the wonderful music she has