The Best Vegetarian Recipes for Fall

Fall is the best time of year to go vegetarian. With so many fresh roots and vegetables, there are endless recipes to find that are healthy and cozy. Here are some of my favs!


1.Vegetarian Chili Mac

If you're a chili lover, don't worry! You can still indulge. This recipe has the heartiness of classic chili, without the beef! With 14 yummy ingredients, you get a wide variety of flavors and nutrients. Check it out here!

2. Butternut squash mac and cheese

This recipe is a great way to incorporate some fall veggies into your mac and cheese! It makes for a very creamy additive and it's SUPER yummy! Here's the recipe!

3. Honey butter sweet potatoes

This is a new spin on a classic; mashed sweet potatoes. I love the classic cinnamon flavor that people use on Thanksgiving, but this is a fun new take on it. Check out the recipe here, you may even be inspired to find your own ingredients to add!

4.Pumpkin hummus

Pumpkin flavors are a staple of fall, but PSL can quickly become boring. There's a TON of different ways you can use pumpkin in your everyday recipes. I personally love to eat cucumber or crackers with hummus, and pumpkin hummus is just as delicious. You can even make a pumpkin dessert hummus! Check out this easy, 10 minute recipe!

5. Fall vegetable pizza

I double dare you to look at this pizza and not drool. Go ahead and try! This yummy recipe takes all the best fall veggies and makes them even better; with pizza! What's not to love? There are so many ways to customize this recipe and add or take away ingredients! Here's the original, but feel free to have fun with it!

HCXO, Jess

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