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The Best Rainy Day Movies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

April is infamously known as they month of rain. And it blows. There’s nothing worse than wanting to enjoy the warmth but being stuck inside because it’s pouring yet again. When you’re locked inside with nothing to do for the third day in a row, turn to these great films to cure your blues. 

1. A Cinderella Story

Not only is this one of the greatest romances of our time, but it has the most swoon worthy rain-scene. You’re lying if you said you never sat at football game in the rain waiting for your own prince charming to coming up the bleachers to you. ~sigh~

2. Across the Universe

This is one of my favorite movies, but its one that I feel I can’t watch too much or the magic will be ruined. I always try to save it for a-wait for it-rainy day. Perfect for any Beatles fan.

3. The Godfather


These are movies that you really need to set aside a good chunk of time in order to watch, because they’re just so long. Plus, you can’t watch just one. Don’t be afraid to skip the third one though…

4. Footloose (1984)

This is a classic, and boy is it good. Nothing can beat Kevin Bacon dancing and falling in love while doing so.

5. Dirty Dancing

An oldy but a goody. This romantic movie is sooo good for a day in bed with all of your favorite snacks. The only thing slightly better than Kevin Bacon is Patrick Swayze.



Enjoy the rain!





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