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Believe Me If I Say This Album Will Forever Be Beloved: My Obsession With Mumford & Sons

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

I admit, my current obsession is current from my obsession standard but a little dated in relevance…but if you haven’t checked out Delta by Mumford and Sons you’re absolutely missing out! Mumford and Sons have been one of my favorite bands for a while now and seeing them perform live was one of the top things on my bucket list. Thanks to my amazing fiancé (who spent way too much for me to achieve my goal), I finally got to see them on their Delta North American Tour in December. Speechless. It was absolutely amazing, everything I could have asked for and more. I literally sobbed with happiness twice. Similarly, to X be Ed Sheeran, Delta will always have a special place in my heart because it’s the album I finally got to see my favorites perform live. All the songs are fantastic (except I won’t lie I’m very confused by Darkness Visible…it’s very scary), but I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favorite ones.

1. Delta

Figures that THE BEST song on the album is the album title song, but Delta is beyond words. Delta is the ultimate window down, driving fast, scream singing at the top of your lungs song. It was the last song they played at the concert, so they know it’s the cherry on top. Honestly Delta is more of a feeling than a song, just listen to it ASAP.


2. 42

42 kicks off the album and is, believe it or not, the forty-second Mumford and Sons song. The song is just yet philosophical at the same time, asking some thought-provoking questions about life.


3. Guiding Light

The single before the whole album was released, Guiding Light is another upbeat and happy song that redirects life to your love even through all the highs and lows of life… “Even when there is no star in sight, you’ll always be my only guiding light.”

4. Beloved

Beloved is such a beautiful song that offers the simple reminder to his love that you are beloved. I think that’s a reminder we all need, in a relationship or not, “You must know you are beloved!”


5. Picture You

I don’t think I noticed just how much of these songs were about focusing on your love. Just like Guiding Light, Picture You is about focusing on your love; but I think more than that, it’s about wanting to do better and be better for your love, and really seeing them as a lifeline and a way to get through anything.


6. If I Say

I feel like every concert I go to they sing a song that I liked before but didn’t really appreciate until I saw the passion behind them singing it and got to be part of that amazing experience. This time, If I Say was that song. It’s such a powerful and moving song that trust me, is still amazing song to listen to in any capacity. I think it speaks a little about trust, and putting down your guard to receive love.


7. Forever

This is the slowest of my favorite songs off the album, but it’s so simply genuine. I think it presents a not always super flattering view of love, but authentic.


In writing, I almost included Slip Away, Rose of Sharon, and The Wild and then I realized that was essentially the entire album, so yes, it’s a fantastic album and I encourage you to listen to the entire thing (except Darkness Visible…just skip that) over and over again. Another thing they do that I always find so cool is alluding to their other songs in the album so keep your ears open for that. Amazing album, even better band, hopefully, they’ll be in North America again soon!


Happy Listening!




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Alyssa Dicker

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