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Beauty Hacks for Those of Us Who Like To Run Late

We have all been there… you know when you hit the snooze button a million times and wake up realizing you have thirty minutes to get to class or work but you KNOW you should look presentable for that presentation you have to give. Yeah, it never fails. It was me today. I rushed around for thirty minutes trying to throw on makeup, clothing and get all my books that I needed for the day into my back pack.


Skin Care

I don’t know about you but I am someone who always needs to wash their face in the morning. It’s just a habit. You’ve been sleeping all night and if you wake up like me you know your face is going to be just a little oily when you wake up. But when you’re running late, you know you don’t have five minutes to sit there and go through your whole morning face wash routine. For this micellar water, should become your new best friend. Not only does it clean your skin and leave you feeling fresh but it can also act as a moisturizer to help you clean and keep your skin hydrated.


Five Minute Makeup

This one could probably take some practice to master but once you get it you’ll be out the door in five minutes flat. Now if you’re a makeup junkie like I am then you know we like to pack on the makeup with the rest of them. But if you want to catch those few extra z’s, you know that we don’t always have the time to do our full 45-minute makeup routine. Pick your best features to accentuate and go from there. For me I like to pay attention to my eyes, my complexion, and lips. I always like to have on a little eyeshadow even if it just means to contour my eyes. This depends on your eye shape, to learn you can always find plenty of tutorials on YouTube to figure out the best way to contour your eyes. For the lips, you can never go wrong with a bright lip color it can almost always save your look. For me if I am running late I feel like simple is better most times. I contour my eyes, throwing matte shadows into my crease and a nice shimmery bronze on my lid to make my blue eyes pop, I skip the liner to save a step, and throw on some mascara. The final punch is a great lip to set the look. I always go for a pink or a nude that I know will last all day and I know looks great.

Hair Routine

If you’re almost constantly running late like I am you will find that having a go to hair style is key. For me I love to play up messy bed head waves. In the past year, they have become almost my signature and I am always trying to perfect them, and on the days when they decide to be a little unruly I try to add in a fun braid to add interest to the look. If you have straight hair I envy you, you can get away with almost anything, even just walking out the door most days. Usually, I will try and set my hair in the set style I want for the day the evening before. This way I can get a shower and enjoy it. When I am out of the shower and I have let my hair air dry almost 80 percent of the way, I tie it into two French rope braid pigtails. This gives me spirally beach waves that I can almost always work with in the morning, and if I am even running super late I can take them out in the car on the way to school and I am good to go.

Dry Shampoo

This stuff is probably the greatest invention that has ever existed. Not only can you use it as shampoo but this stuff can double as a deodorant. I have had to do this several times when I know I have to walk somewhere on campus. I usually keep a small travel bottle with me in case I need to freshen up my hair or in this case I forget deodorant and I still want to smell nice without always having to worry about having body spray or perfume.

If You Absolutely Need Eyeliner

If you are a must have eyeliner kind of gal then you should try using your mascara. Try smudging your mascara on your upper lash line then blend it with a liner brush. It will help to shed time off your routine by eliminating a step. Besides, messy eyeliner is in!


Most Importantly, ROCK IT!

Sometimes the simple you is the best you as long as you know how to rock the look you’ve got for the day! Have fun playing with your makeup and your routine. Hopefully this will help to shed a few minutes off that daily morning grind for you!


Stay Beautiful Babes!


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