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Are You Unknowingly Damaging Your Hair?

School’s back in session marking the end of summer. Although we all hate to say goodbye to summer, one thing us girls never miss is the over-drying humidity that destroys our hair. While the crisp autumn weather helps pay tribute to our tortured strands, we still may need to switch things up in our morning routine. 

We all have tried almost every shampoo and conditioner combination in hopes to finally end the battle against our split ends. (Who can resist the commercials? Everyone has such shiny hair!) Stop wasting your money on products that promise hair rejuvination even though none of them seem to smooth away breakage. The answer to your never ending quest to find the perfect hair care products lies in the absense of a common ingredient. 

Forms of sulfate, found in many shampoos and conditioners, over-dry hair, contribute to breakage, and quickly wash out color. The sulfate is an agent that adds to the lather process, which companies like L’OREAL Paris claim unnessesary. Many hair and beauty companies, including L’OREAL Paris, are introducing sulfate-free hair care lines as break-through remedies for weak tresses.  

Especially if your hair is already damage-prone from styling irons and blow dryers, consider switching your current shampoo and conditioner to ones that ditched the sulfate. Just be sure to double check the ingredients list on the bottle.

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