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One of my favorite times of the year is when all of the flowers begin blooming in the spring, especially the cherry blossoms. I am reminded of the beautiful changes that can occur within us after we rest our bodies and minds, a period of winter in our growth cycle. We become renewed and reinvigorated with the turn of the seasons. During spring, we refocus on our goals and gather new energy and strength. Just as nature restores and transforms itself, we too become restored and transformed. My love for spring is everlasting, and so I wrote a poem to honor this lovely season.

A Love Poem to Spring

Spring, with her mild voice and delicate charm,

Spring, with her breathy whisper and fearlessness,

Quiet, but not shy,

Vibrant, but not audacious.


Elegant and refined,

With pastel petals draped over her shoulders,

A sweet rhythm to her steps,

Every moment a cherished gift.


She smiles and the warmth hits the back of your neck,

Laughs, and the breeze tickles your arms,

Twirls, and the trees dance around you,

Softly, softly, always softly.


A pink embrace, enchanting in its solitude,

Your pulse calms.

Your heart stirs with hope and promise,

Of a new day, a reawakening.


Spring is a fresh start.




Autumn Schmoel

Millersville '23

Hi, there! I'm Autumn, a business administration major with a minor in entrepreneurship at Millersville University. I love reading, writing, and crafting (you name it)!
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