9 Music Videos From 2000's Pop Artists We Still Love

The 2000s was a defining decade for pop music. Many pop artists that are still at the top of their game today started their careers in this decade, and influenced a lot of change in what was considered mainstream. Music videos were sexier, more extravagant and daring. Here are 9 music videos that still hang in the back of our minds today!


“Single Ladies” - Beyonce

Who could forget Queen B’s groundbreaking hit music video (and the stink Kanye made about it losing to Taylor Swift)? The music video broke records when it was released and continues to be a quintessential Bey moment in history.


“Bye Bye Bye” - NSYNC

There's something about a good Boy Band that really makes the stick in people’s minds. NSYNC was no exception. This classic had every girl squealing and bopping at the same time back in 2000. You know you can’t resist it when your local radio station surprises you with this throwback.


“You Belong With Me” - Taylor Swift

Back in her country days, Taylor Swift never ceased to make us go “awwwwwwe.” “You Belong With Me” was every girl’s whine-about-your-crush song in 2008, and probably still is for most people.


“We Belong Together” -  Mariah Carey

Who can forget the heartbreaking image of Eric Roberts getting left at the alter by Mariah Carey for Wentworth Miller? Poor Eric.


“I Kissed a Girl” - Katy Perry

This song made Katy Perry famous, breaking some taboo rules. While the song was a hit, it received a lot of controversy. People thought it was wrong of Katy to use sexual experimentation as a straight woman as a way of making it into the music industry, but she has insisted it was just in good fun.


“I Write Sins Not Tragedies” - Panic! At the Disco

If this isn’t a bop, bop’s don't exist. Panic! At the Disco broke onto the music scene with this stellar hit back in 2005, giving pop-punk another break into mainstream music.


“Toxic” - Britney Spears

It’s Britney, bitch. Once the reigning princess of pop, Britney Spears had a serious moment when she released this juicy video for her song “Toxic.” People were practically drooling at the bold costumes and dangerous moves.


“Hey Ya” - OutKast

We all started shaking it like a polaroid picture when Outkast provided us with this hip-shaking hit. He taught us that the only thing cooler than being cool was being “ICE COLD!”


“Bad Romance” - Lady Gaga

The queen of pop and drama, Lady Gaga always steps up when it comes to dropping a music video, and “Bad Romance” was no exception.