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7 Things To Do If You & Your S.O. Aren’t Buying Each Other Gifts This Year

Go See a Show

There are a hundred Holiday specials and concerts that are shown every year! Check out calendars for local theatres or venues. If you live near a popular venue, there is no doubt there will be some kind of holiday extravaganza! (If you’re here with us at Millersville, check out the Fulton Theatre’s production of a Christmas Story, or Millersville’s own Glorious Sounds of the Season!)

Take a Short Trip

Chances are if you agreed to not get each other gifts, you are pretty broke this year. But that does not mean a day trip is completely out of your reach! Take a train into the city for the day (Amtrak offer’s student discounts, and a discount if you are AAA member!), or see something close by you never had a chance to go to.

Volunteer Together

This is a great way to help other people and spend time together. A lot of soup kitchens and shelters host holiday meals for the homeless and families who can’t afford holiday dinners on their own.

Go See Christmas Lights

There a million ways to do this! You could see a professionally done Christmas light stretch of road. Most charge around $15-$20 a car (Again, if you’re around Millersville you could go up to Hershey for their Christmas Candy Cane for $21 a ticket!). If you really can’t spend the money, fill up a jug of hot chocolate and ride around local neighborhoods looking at everyone’s lights.

Make Holiday Recipes from Scratch

Share your favorite homemade recipes with your S.O., and have them do the same! It could be fun baking together and flirtatiously throwing cookie dough in each other’s faces.

Holiday Movie Night In

There’s nothing better than snuggling under a blanket and watching movies – make it a holiday date! Bring your favorite holiday classics, have your S.O. bring theirs. Make some cookies and cocoa and you’re all set for the best movie night ever!

Cook a Fancy Meal for Each Other

Get dressed up and have dinner in this Friday! You could make each other a fancy dinner and dessert and sit down to a candle lit dinner. What could be more romantic?


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Carlee Nilphai

Millersville '19

Carlee is a Millersville University graduate with a BA in Print Journalism and a double minor in Music and Theatre. Her favorite topics to write about involve career, environmental issues, pop culture, budgeting hacks, and Taylor Swift. Carlee lives in Lancaster, PA and has a corgi named Alan.
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