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7 Easy Fall-Inspired Desserts You Can Actually Make

Fall is finally upon us! (Eeeek!) Welcome the pumpkin spice lattes, cold weather and Ugg boots! If you’re a fall junkie like me, you’re probably embracing fall cuddled up in your coziest blankets, sipping your favorite pumpkin spice coffee and are craving something sweet.  Having these easy to make desserts at your fingertips for you next tailgate party this fall! Here are some delightful desserts to get the festivities going this season.  

1. Apple Pie Baked Apples

This sweet and savory dessert is as easy as pie (pun so intended). Grab yourself some of your favorite apples, cut the top off, gut the inside and you’re already halfway to the finish line! This desert is so easy to make and a wonderful addition to any dinner party this fall. Even Snow White wouldn’t be able to turn down these apples.  

2. S’mores Lasagna 

If you LOVE s’mores and want to put a spin on your bonfire favorite treat this desert is for you! Just repeat the layers! First graham crackers, then chocolate, add some marshmallow and some of your favorite candies! Pop it in the oven and there you have it. 

  3. Pumpkin Cheesecake bars 

Just in time for pumpkin season! This recipe is a little more work but it is totally worth it. Start with creating the base which is the pumpkin spice blondies. Then top off the cakey layer with a pumpkin and cheesecake blend. YUMMMM!  

4. Apple Fries

These little fritters are absolutely delicious! Slices of your favorite apple battered and fried to ultimate perfection. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and EAT. Pair with your favorite caramel dipping sauce and you have prepared an appetizer to please the fall gods!

  5. Halloween Candy Bark 

For the people that love their Halloween candy here’s a wonderful addition to your creepy candy treats! Chocolate collides with your favorite Halloween bite-sized candies to create a creepy sweet treat for all the little ghouls and goblins.    

6. Halloween Muddy Buddies

M&Ms, chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels, and …. did I say chocolate already?! This puppy chow inspired dessert is convenient for a day time treat or a small late night snack. You can pretty much add anything your heart desires! Just don’t forget the chocolate.

  7. The Reese’s peanut butter ball

The holy grail of all that is peanut butter and gooey! The Reese’s peanut butter ball is by far one of the best creations to serve at any fall themed party. Throw in a side of graham crackers and enjoy! This treat is great to look at and high in fall inspiration.

Enjoy making these kooky concoctions, collegiettes! HCXO! 

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My name is Isis Waller. I am currently a senior at Millersville University. My major is Speech Communications with an option in public relations and I minor in Entrepreneurship! I am currently located where the cows moo me to sleep in Lancaster, PA. Some of my favorite things are chocolate, glitter, my boyfriend, the Chanels from Scream Queens and every single American Horror Story season... EVER. I am very into Halloween. At this point I am so in into fall my blood type might as well be pumpkin spice, haha!
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