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6 Reasons Why Wawa is Better Than Sheetz

6 Reasons Why Wawa is Better Than Sheetz

1. More Options

   Wawa currently boasts over 184 food items, not including coffee, ready to go snacks, salads, ice cream, beverages or any kind of customization. Sheetz comes in closer to 150, with less variability within each category of food. Wawa also has a wider variety of made items that are more “healthy” such as salads, paninis, breadless sandwiches, and more.

2. Wawa was first

  Wawa can trace its history back over a hundred years, to 1902 with the Wawa Dairy. Sheetz was only founded in 1952. Plain and simple, Wawa has been doing it better and for longer.  

3. Gas is cheaper (currently)

     Though you may have to pay a little more for some food items, Wawa is currently ten cents below Sheetz on gas prices in Pennsylvania. This gap should help you save up to pay for Wawa’s amazing food!


    Does Sheetz have a month long celebration of the most perfect sandwich known to human kind? I don’t think so. But Wawa does! For those of you who don’t know, a hoagie is what you may think of as a sub, submarine, or grinder, but is basically layers of whatever you like perfectly nestled between two beautiful, 4-12 inch rolls. In certain parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we call this a hoagie, and Wawa certainly knows how to celebrate it, with featured hoagies, deals on 12 inch hoagies, and even merch!

5. Quality

     Obviously, quality is always to taste, however Wawa is not the place you’re going to be going for fried, smothered anythings. Instead, you get a divine selection of offerings, including quesadillas, salads, burritos, paninis, hot bowls, soups, and the list goes on. You can get cut fruit, cheese, meats, and other lighter snacks prepackaged as well. Basically, Wawa is Gas Station Gourmet. 

6. The Gobbler

     This is the best food invention since PB&J. It is essentially a traditional Thanksgiving dinner stuffed into one beautiful delicious dish. You can get it as a hoagie or in a bowl, but the Gobbler is still the same: cranberry sauce, on top of gravy, on top of warm turkey, on top of stuffing, on top of mashed potatoes. Every bite is a perfect storm of flavors. Though buyers be warned: the hoagie option is excessively messy, and no amount of napkins can save you. Try finding this at a Sheetz.  So whichever side you route for just remember: if you’re team Wawa, you’re right, if you’re team Sheetz, you’re wrong. 


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*Wawa did not sponsor this post. It’s simply better. 

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