6 To-Die-For TV Wedding Dresses

I love a good TV show wedding! Here are some of my favorite wedding dresses from my favorite TV shows! 

Cece from New Girl

Who could forget the beautiful Jessica Day-original! When Cece and Winston accidentally bought a pretty ferocious dress while drinking too much champagne at the bridal shop, Jess came to the rescue and created a truly gorgeous gown for her BFF. What a girlboss.


Blair from Gossip Girl

While this wasn’t exactly the wedding of the year, Blair Waldorf’s dress was a truly stunning one.


Monica from Friends

After a pretty hectic trip to the bridal sale rack, Monica eventually ended up with an elegant, form-fitting dress.


Brooke from One Tree Hill

She finally got the boy! After building a fashion empire off her broken heart, Brooke finally let Julian sweep her off her feet and got married in an amazing gown of her own design!


Izzy from Grey’s Anatomy

Even though it wasn’t supposed to be her day, Izzy took some time away from her hospital bed to wed the ever sweet and romantic Alex.


Mary from Reign

Historically inaccurate at the costuming in this show was, Mary’s wedding dress was truly breathtaking.


All images courtesy of Google Images