5 Ways to Use Your Pumpkins

A classic fall activity is pumpkin picking or pumpkin carving. It’s so much fun to get creative in painting or carving pumpkins and using them as decoration around the house. But what we don’t realize, is that it’s actually super wasteful to get rid of those pumpkin guts and seeds. Here are some great ways to get the most out of your pumpkins this year!


1. Roast pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great fall snack that are super easy to make, and they’re also pretty healthy for you! There are tons of ways to roast them, and the recipes are never ending. From cinnamon to hot peppers, you can never get tired of eating these. Just take a look on pinterest to find one that’s best for your taste buds!

2. Pumpkin seed recipes

You can also get super creative with pumpkin seeds in a lot of different recipes! Add them to a salad, use them as a crust for your chicken, or add them to cookies for an extra crunch and flavor. Check here for some great ideas!


3. Pumpkin butter

This a great fall alternative to your usual spreads on toast, pancakes or bagels. Check here for the recipe.



4. Pumpkin body scrub

A great way to use the guts of the pumpkin if you’re not into eating it is to make a body scrub out of it! Your skin will feel great and smell great!


5. Puree the guts

There are TONS of great recipes using pumpkin puree. From soup, to cheesecake, to smoothies, the list goes on and on. Try this site for some delicious ideas! Here are the steps for making puree.


Have fun and happy fall!




All images courtesy of google.com