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Looking to make some easy money but not sure how? Check out this article! Easy ways to enjoy your time while making money! 


Blogging is an easy way to get your thoughts out, relieve stress, make online friends, and make easy money. If you love to write, this could be your income for “rent” money!!

Start an Online Store

If you love to be creative, starting an online small business could be your thing! Market yourself and get brainstorming! You got this!

Sell on eBay

Everyone knows about eBay! Put some products/items out there and someone will definitely bite! This is an easy way to communicate with others and make some money!

Baby sit/Dog sit

Who doesn’t love babies or puppies!! Imagine spending hours together spending time with something you love AND getting paid for it. I think that sounds like a deal!


If you have the smarts and enjoy helping others, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Help someone else achieve by “showing off your skills” and get paid for it! Win Win for everyone!

If you need money just like me, think about these opportunities. Theyre easy, enjoyable, and can help you get on your feet. Good luck, ill send you my resume ;P

HCXO, Kate

Kate Steinhilber

Millersville '21

Hey! My name is Kate Steinhilber. I am a senior at Millersville University majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and minoring in strategic public relations. I am always staying active in writing, as well as my athletic side. I am extremely family orientated, thus my family are my best friends. I love to blog/journal, so stay tuned to see what I have hidden up my sleeve! Visit my Facebook (Kaitlyn Steinhilber) to get a better look at my life! Cant wait to write with you :)
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