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5 Ways I try to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

With Earth Day being April 22, many people are taking their part in not only learning more about the environment but implementing new life methods to take better care of the planet. I wanted to share a few ways that I try to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only have these regimens lessened my environmental footprint, but they have helped me save money over the years too.

  Using tote bags/reusable shopping bags

When I go grocery shopping, instead of using many grocery bags at self-checkout I bring shopping tote bags with me. Not only are they spacious enough for all of my items, but I don’t have to worry about them breaking/ripping. I get to sport a cute bag as well as not have to worry about using copious amounts of plastic. Stores like CottonOn have many affordable totes that are decently sized.

Being a more conscious shopper

Fast fashion is a big issue, as 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. To deviate from supporting quick fashion, something that I have been doing is reducing the number of clothes I buy throughout the year from bigger companies. I used to go to the mall and do online shopping often. I’ve lessened the amount of shopping I do by buying slow fashion (pieces that are made to order and last longer) as well as reworking some of the clothing that I already own. Ethically made fashion can be on the expensive side, however reducing your support of fast fashion brands and buying second hand from time to time can do a lot for conserving the environment.

Supporting local businesses

Along with being more conscious as a consumer comes supporting businesses in your community. This is something that I feel is often overlooked when talking about sustainability. As smaller and more local businesses don’t use the same production methods as bigger corporations, buying items from them is more helpful to the environment and your local economy. Also, it is heartwarming to know that you are helping someone who actually cares about their industry/craft.

Reusable water bottles

Another way that I have minimized my plastic usage is by getting a few reusable water bottles and just refilling them throughout the day. I also use a Brita water pitcher which filters tap water and cleans it of any contaminants. This has saved me from having to buy cases of water as frequently and has stopped me from wasting unnecessary plastic. I’m saving money, as well as the environment.

Sustainable eating

The meat industry and factory farming play a big role in the deterioration of our environment. The best way to minimize their impact is to not directly support these industries. You don’t have to fully convert to vegetarianism, but incorporating plant-based protein in your diet every once in a while and reducing the amount of meat you eat can lessen your contribution to the issue that is factory farming. Animal agriculture contributes to over 60% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and plays a major role in water pollution and deforestation. 

All of these tips and methods are sure ways to lower your carbon footprint. Not only are these strategies easy to implement, but they are simple and affordable changes that’ll go a long way. Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Taylor Green

Millersville '23

Hi, my name is Taylor Green. I'm class of 2023 at Millersville and I'm a Digital Journalism Major and a Strategic Public Relations Minor. I enjoy shopping and listening to music and anything from the early 2000s.
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