5 Times Celebrities Accidentally Dressed Like Mean Girls Characters

Everyone would agree that Mean Girls, the iconic 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan, made a lasting impact on teens around the world. It brought about many iconic fashion trends such as pink on pink, plaid mini skirts, and velour tracksuits. Its diffusion into pop culture didn’t stop with teenagers, though- it even seemed to reach celebrities. Here is five times celebrities accidentally dressed like Mean Girls Characters:


1. Cady Heron & Kim Kardashian

Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, is the star of the movie. She moved from Africa to Illinois and throughout the movie can be seen trying to juggle different groups of friends. She wears a blue flannel one day when searching for a place to sit in the cafeteria, and in this photo, Kim Kardashian sports a similar look.

2. Aaron Samuels & Robert Pattenson

With practically every girl in North Shore High School crushing on him, Aaron Samuels always dressed to impress. It seems like Twilight actor Robert Pattinson was a fan of his casual style and dressed similarly on a day out on the town.

3. Janis Ian & Anne Hathaway

Janis Ian’s unique style inspired many to dress the way that they want, no matter what others may think. Many celebrities took inspiration from her iconic Spring Fling look on award shows and the red carpet, including this time where actress Anne Hathaway wore a tux to the Oscars.

4. Gretchen Wieners & Lily Aldridge

Known for her hot pink sweaters and mini-skirts, Gretchen Wieners was a style icon of her school and of the 2000’s. Model Lily Aldridge took a page from her style book when she wore this preppy outfit designed by Michael Kors.

5. Regina George & Emma Roberts

Last but certainly not least, queen bee Regina George practically dictated what you could and could not wear at North Shore. Even in a neck brace, she managed to pull off a pink, strapless silk dress. Scream Queens star Emma Roberts seems to be a fan of this look, as she wore a similar dress to an X-Men premiere.