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5 Great Ways to Use Lemons

It’s 2018, and let’s face it; natural beauty is in. I don’t mean wearing makeup-to each their own-but rather using natural products as beauty products. I’ve noticed this trend all over social media; using plants and organic products as hydrating products, cleansers, and so on. All of this is super eco-friendly, but there are definitely other uses for these same natural products! Throughout this semester, I plan to publish articles about eco-friendly alternatives to everyday things!

For starters, here are 5 ways you can use lemons!

  1. Your hair!

Massage lemon juice into your scalp to remove dandruff flakes. Leave in for 10 minutes and then rinse! You can also squirt some lemon juice in your hair and sit out in the sun for natural highlights!

2. Laundry

Add ¼ cup of lemon juice to your detergent to help remove stains, brighten your whites, and keep your clothes smelling fresh instead of bleach!

3. In the kitchen

When your guac turns brown, DON’T TOSS IT! Sprinkle in some lemon juice and mix it up. You’ll have green guac in no time. This also works for fish and rice!

4. Medicinally

Add some lemon juice to hot tea or water to cure a hangover or soothe a sore throat! You can also spread some on your bug bites to help soothe itching and burning. 

5. Dry skin

Cut a lemon in half and add a little bit of baby oil. Tape on to dry knees or elbows for 30 minutes to moisturize!


Stay tuned next time for some more great ways to be eco friendly and efficient!





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