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5 Fall Outfits For The Lazy Girl

It’s now the fourth week of school, and I’m just about tired of trying to look nice for class. In fact, I stopped trying on the second day of classes. However, fall can be complicated when it comes to getting dressed; it’s chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. During this time of year, both the weather and my laziness lead me to a few key outfits. Warning: this is not for the fashion conscious.


1. Shorts and a sweatshirt


This is my favorite outfit to wear. I wish that weather permitted this year-round. I love to wear a nice pair of athletic shorts and a cozy, oversized sweatshirt. This can give the “not wearing pants” look a new twist. If you’re worried about getting hot with the sweatshirt, you can change it up with a long-sleeved shirt instead or just wear a tank underneath.



2. Leggings and an oversized T

 Another classic look that literally anybody can pull off. Just grab your favorite leggings and a t-shirt. My favorite is a shirt that’s a little big, because it’s a lot cozier and I still get the effect of being in bed all day while still going to class and being somewhat responsible. You can also try to dress this idea up with a nicer shirt!


3. Leggings and a sweater


This is for the day when you feel like you need to look a little decent, or maybe you just ran out of t-shirts. Grab that same pair of leggings from the day before (no one will notice), and find a nice tank. Pair it with a cardigan to keep you from getting chilly from the fall breeze. Add to this a pair of sandals or flip-flops and you officially look like you tried!


4. Leggings/jeans and a flannel

At this point, you need to decide if you can get away with wearing that same pair of legging for a third day in a row, or if you should be somewhat clean and go for jeans. It’s your choice. Once you’ve decided, go with a white or black tee, and throw a flannel on. If you get warm, just wrap the flannel around your waist like seen above. This outfit goes great with converse, but flip-flops will also do!

5. Outfit repeat

The great thing about college is that the people you see on M/W/F are not the same people you see on T/TR. So, choose your favorite outfit out of the 4 above, and repeat it. Just make sure your classes don’t line up, or else you could be deemed an outfit-repeater. If you’ve seen the Lizzie McGuire movie, you know this is NOT GOOD!


*All images courtesy of pinterest.com and Giphy

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