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Calling all book girlies! Autumn is a time for us romance readers to thrive. While the air outside begins to cool and the leaves start to turn orange, there is no better time to put on an oversize sweater and escape into the magical world of a fictional novel. I’m so excited to share with you the five books that have made it into my Fall reading list:

  • The Midnight Library  – Matt Haig

If you had the chance to see how making different choices could have affected your life, would you take it? Nora is stuck between life and death- and in the middle is the Midnight Library. Each book on the shelf is one of Nora’s stories; each a different path she could have experienced if she had chosen it. But different choices lead to different consequences, and no singular life is perfect. This book was such an interesting and well written novel. It gave me a new perspective on love, life, career, and family. Fall can be a time to signify new beginnings, and you can definitely feel that from this read!

  • The Last Thing You Said – Sara Biren

Lucy and Trixie are best friends for life and spend every summer together inseparable at the Lake. Until one day Lucy gets a call from Ben, Trixie’s brother. Trixie has vanished. Gone. As Autumn begins, Lucy must return to the Lake, with Ben, where they will discover an entire path that Trixie has planned out before them. In this small lake town, secrets will be uncovered and may spark new romances. Lucy and Ben will discover that the path to healing will be a long road for them both. This novel perfectly depicted what finding your path can truly do if you listen to your heart. It’s such a beautiful and tragic story that will leave you in awe.

  • Layla – Colleen Hoover

When it comes to quick and easy reads, yet a darker storyline, Colleen Hoover seems to get it right every time! In my opinion, an underrated read from her is Layla. Layla and Leeds are hit with a fatal accident that leaves Layla acting in strange ways. When Leeds life begins to turn into paranormal confusion, he can’t help but wonder who or what is possessing Layla. Unexplainable occurrences challenge both Leeds and Layla, and neither know who they can trust. Colleen Hoover gives suspenseful romance an additional twist with the mystery of Layla. This Fall read is perfect for the spooky season of Halloween!

  • Looking For Alaska – John Green

Miles lives his life through the eyes of poets, writers, and in books. Playing it safe and refusing to the see outside world for himself, his parents decide to send him to a boarding school in the Fall. Here he meets the daring and outgoing, Alaska. Alaska is too dangerous for her own good and shows Miles what diving headfirst into the world looks like. When Alaska goes missing and Miles looks everywhere, he can’t help but wonder if she even wants to be found. All the while an unspoken question lingers between them: what will their legacy be when they leave this world? John Green novels are always some of my favorites, and this was a perfect story for an Autumn night!

  • The Falling – Anna Todd

Karina is an independent soul, making a life for herself and living outside an army base in Georgia. Autumn has just begun when a couple soldiers are discharged and come back into town, one of them catching her attention: Kael. It’s a small town, and Karina and Kael seem to find each other wherever they go. While both have broken by the past, they might also be able to heal something within each other. Love. This is by far my favorite book on this list, solely because Anna Todd is my comfort author. The Falling is the first novel in her new “The Brightest Stars” series. I love each one of her stories and her writing aesthetic just screams Fall!

Each of the novels above have a bit of romance, mystery, and suspense combined into a perfect Autumn aesthetic, and each will take you on a different journey. So go grab your warm drink, a blanket, and add these novels to your TBR list this Fall! I hope you enjoyed the recommendations and happy reading!

~ Mandi L <3

Hi I'm Mandi! I was born and raised in Kutztown, Pennsylvania and I am currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in English and Publishing at Millersville University. I am an avid reader and writer and I love all things social media! I hope to use my degree in a future career of digital publishing and editing. In my free time I like to dance, sing, and read books! I am so excited to be a part of HERS Campus and I hope to continue my love for writing!