5 Of The Best Romantic Win's On Sitcoms Ever

They steal our hearts and our time. Here are five unbelievably heartwarming moments for our favorite sitcom couples!


Jess and Nick reunite on New Girl

Who didn’t tear up at this epic reunion?


Barney finally proposes to Robin on How I Met Your Mother

As far as I’m concerned, Barney and Robin had a better love story than Ted and Robin. And let’s be real, the ending to HIMYM sucked.


Rachel gets off the plane on Friends

She got off the plane! It was the perfect way to end one of the greatest sitcom romances of all time.


Monica proposes to Chandler on Friends

I think we all forget that Monica was an original #girlboss. Chandler couldn't figure it out, so she stepped up to the challenge… and killed it.


Schmidt tells Cece she’s pregnant on New Girl

I will never get over Cece’s face when Schmidt tells her the good news. #GOALS.


All images courtesy of Google images.