4 YouTube Channels Only 2000s Kids Remember (And Kinda Wish We Could Forget)

Back in the 2000s, YouTube was new. It was a whole new world of content that had never really been accessible before, and people (especially tweens) were eating every bit of it up. While YouTube has turned into a space where people can build actually careers, it used to be… well, different. Here are 4 channels you might cringe while remembering.


Happy Tree Friends!

Seemingly a joyful cartoon about adorable woodland creatures, Happy Tree Friends was a twisted cartoon surrounding animated animals tragic deaths… But every fifth grader in 2005 watched it without their parents permission. It was wild times.



Hey it's FREEEEEED! You either loved him or you hated him. Fred even got his own horrible Nickelodeon series. And an even worse movie. (Side note - Fred is so dead I couldn’t even find a Gif of the poor guy. He didn't even make it passed the MySpace era).



Many of are wondering how on earth these guys got as popular as they did. Looking back, they were just kind of dumb. Not much else to say about that.


The Annoying Orange

This is another one where were all like, “Why?” It was a talking orange. And he was very annoying. Yeah, he did eventually rise above the mediocracy of YouTube to become our President, but other than that, not much of a story there.