4 Eco-Friendly Brands You Can Trust


Founded as a way to provide shoes to children in poverty around the world, TOMS is a brand dedicated to sustainability and the conservation of the planet. You can read more about their environmental and humanitarian efforts on their website.


Package Free Shop

Lauren Singer, environmental activist and creator of the blog Trash is for Tossers, took her zero-waste lifestyle to a whole new level. Singer opened the Package Free Shop to create a new way for consumers to shop zero-waste. The store offers a variety of everyday products (shopping bags, food containers, healthy and beauty products, etc.) that come in waste free packaging or do not have packaging at all.


Beyond Meat

Dedicated to creating delicious products, Beyond Meat makes plant-based proteins that taste like meat, but are vegan-friendly. 51% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from rearing and processing livestock. By combating the use of livestock for meat, Beyond Meat is creating a healthier and brighter planet.


Lush Cosmetics

From freshest ingredients to fighting against animal testing, Lush strives to conduct business based on six core philosophies: fresh cosmetics, 100% vegetarian, ethical buying, handmade, naked and fighting against animal testing. All of their products are ethically made and some even donate proceeds to environmental organizations and movements. Read more about Lush’s caring community on their site.

All images courtesy of Google Images