4 DIY Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

For yourself or a friend, these DIY beauty products are good for your skin and the planet.

  1. 1. Sugar Scrubs

    A great natural exfoliator, sugar is an excellent alternative to plastic beads as a scrub. Combine coconut or argan oil with sugar and your favorite scent or flavor to make an easy, eco-friendly body and lip scrubs. Check out some recipes here!

  2. 2. Greek Yogurt Hair Mask

    Greek yogurt is amazing for hydration, making it perfect for hair-care. Combine with honey and coconut oil for a luscious, guilt-free shine. Find some great recipes here!

  3. 3. Homemade Face Masks

    You don't have to spend money on a face mask in a plastic package to get great skin. There are so many natural recipes that won’t break the bank or hurt Mother Earth. Find some healthy recipes here!

  4. 4. Natural DIY Sunscreen

    While this solution is a bit more expensive and time-consuming to make, it’s so much better for your skin and for the planet. Check out this recipe for a protective, natural sunscreen here!