4 Conspiracy Theories You've Never Heard Of

Whether you’ll admit it or not, we all believe in one conspiracy theory or another. Avril Lavigne is dead, Abraham Lincoln was a time traveler, the Illuminati is real, the list goes on. Conspiracy theories – big or small – can be elaborate and often times have a lot of evidence to back them up. Although there are quite a few more popular ones, here are some that you may not have heard of.

1. The Beatles were fake

Forget the classic “Paul McCartney is dead” or theories about who really killed John Lennon. This one tops them all. There are countless sites on the internet stating that The Beatles were not just 4 bandmates, but rather a cast of rotating musicians all disguised to be The Beatles that we all know and love. Although the original theorist behind this idea has since stated his theory is wrong, here is a good place to read up on it.

2. The moon isn’t real

This one is rather scientific, and I suggest looking into it only if you really know a lot about physics and space. Popular conspiracy theorist David Ickes has a youtube video that sums it all up. If you don’t feel like watching the video, I’ll give it to you straight: the moon isn’t real and is instead a projection.

3. Finland isn’t real either

This idea was created by a Reddit user, who believes that the residents of “Finland” are actually citizens of Estonia, Sweden and Russia. Finland is supposedly a fabricated landmass that was created by the Japanese and the Soviet Union during the Cold War in order to secure fishing rights in the Baltic Sea.

4. The characters of Ed, Ed and Eddy are dead

There’s a pretty detailed and rather creepy theory describing that all of the characters in this show are actually dead. They all died at different times, but all in the same area. Given their blue tongues, sickly appearances, and complete lack of adults, this isn’t too crazy. For more details, head here.


So there you have it, folks. Read up and decide for yourselves if these theories are true or false!



All images courtesy of giphy.com