2015 Entrepreneurs on the Rise

With summer 2015 vastly approaching, fashionista’s and misters from P.A. to L.A. are looking all over to find the newest trends and hottest colors to rock this summer.  For many of us, we are inspired by creativity, good vibes and loud expressions to tell a story about what we choose to wear.

Within the Lancaster area and surrounding Philadelphia, many young people are taking their ideas and turning them into money. Many young entrepreneurs are breaking the mold of what fashion has been defined as it giving it their own unique and individualistic voice.

Not only is this summer about breaking away from bad habits, but it’s also about showing off what others just can’t understand… your style!

Here are the top entrepreneurs on the rise of 2015 that will have your wardrobe on another level for the upcoming months!

1.) Poor Little Rich Girl Consignment Boutique & Beauty Bar

1937 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601

Diana McConnell, Owner

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"I wanted to start my business for several years before I worked up the courage to leave my job of almost 20 years at a law firm in Baltimore. I've always loved fashion and had a particular fondness for vintage clothing. A consignment shop was a good way to combine my love of both. I also wanted to open a shop that had a true boutique feel so that customers would enjoy their shopping experience and feel special." -- Diana McConnell, Owner

2.) That Shuu Girl

147 E. King St, Lancaster, PA 17602

Nicole Vasquez, Founder & Owner

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Born and raised in Lancaster, Pa., Nicole found fashion at a young age. A trend-setter at heart, she inspired those around her to be the “fashionistas” that they ought to be. On March 2, 2012 Nicole took her passion to the next level by opening That Shuu Girl Boutique in Lancaster.

3.) Pnk Elephant

504 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Blair Sandlain & Kijafa Vick, Co-Owners

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Kijafa Vick, 30, and Blair Sandlain, 28, launched “PNK Elephant” in 2010 with a mission to provide affordable accessories and clothes to women. They initially started out with a web store, but in 2011 transitioned PNK Elephant into a trendy clothing boutique in Philadelphia.

4.) AliJoe Boutique

Online Boutique

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AliJoe Boutique is a trendy contemporary online boutique that brings out the edgy and sophisticated side in every girl. Their main goal is to supply  customers with exquisite fashion along with that fashion-forward look. AlieJoe Boutique believes that fashion has no rules. Create your own fashion. Be beautiful. Be you.


Online Shop

Justin Johnson & Faihym Felder, Owners

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V(a)- and


K- Knowledge 
The word (BLVCK) or slogan "BLVCK EXCELLENCE" is used as an acronym created by Justin and Faihym, both Millersville University students, which relates to the word excellence and the positive conotation that the word has for our generation. Established in August of 2014, BLVCK EXCELLENCE is not crafted as a "black power" mechanism. If customers choose to embrace that phrase and/or acronym, then that is completely left up to them.