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14 Things That Are Too Real If You’re a Grocery Cashier

If you have ever worked as a grocery store cashier, this one’s for you. I understand the day to day encounters we face, and yes, I do remember them all.  What better way to describe them without the Parks and Rec team? 

1.When a customer asks how you know all the produce codes.

Yes, we memorized all the codes. No, we aren’t robots.


2. When you go in and shop on your day off and you don’t have to wear your uniform.

Finally, you can be who you want to be without the nametag and fake smile.


3. When a customer recommends their favorite product while you’re checking them out and you finally try it.

Never again will I try something off of a customer recommendation.


4. When you offer a kid a sticker.

You’re basically the coolest person ever in the eyes of a child, and you got them to stop whining for about 30 seconds.


5.When your shift ends as the lines get backed up.

Don’t lie; you know this is the best thing to happen.


6. When you forget to scan a customer’s coupons and they lose their sh*t.

*Tries to keep a calm tone*


7. When someone tries to tell you their whole life story while you’re checking them out.

No, I don’t care about your sick cat, or that I remind you of your granddaughter. 


8. When you get to work the express lane.



9. When a customer continues to complain about something you can’t change.

Yes, please continue yelling at me about how the deli messed up your order.


10.  When you contemplate quitting because working there drives you crazy.

*Ponders the idea of basically any other job*


11. When a customer gets nasty with you over nothing.

Thank you for the sass you gave me today because I didn’t double bag your gallon of milk.


12. When cases of water go on sale and you’re expected to lift them onto the register.

Slowly feeling the backache and wonder if you can get workers comp.


13. When someone asks you for help at the customer service desk and you have no idea how to solve the issue.

I’m just going to pretend I’m trying and direct you to someone else!


14. And then you realize no matter what crazy challenge comes your way, you love your job, at least for the day.

Jordan Ettien

Millersville '17

A recent 2017 grad from Millersville University of Pennsylvania! I hold a bachelor's of science in business administration with a concentration in marketing! I am addicted to Starbucks, cute dogs and candles from Bath and Body Works! When I am not working as a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus or as a Marketing Manager for my full time job, you can find me at the gym teaching Pilates! 
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