11 Best Throwback Moments from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season seven premiere is FINALLY upon us! This Sunday I will know which of my beloved characters gets killed by the evil villain, Negan. I have waited so long since season six ended with quite the cliffhanger, I have reflected on how crazy but entertaining the journey of the show has been. They have showed us the ups and downs of the zombie apocalypse, sacrifices the characters constantly make and the family that Rick Grimes has formed throughout the beginning until now. Let’s take a look back at some of my favorite/iconic moments from the show since the beginning.

  • When Rick met Glenn.

From the moment that Glenn (a young, innocent, Asian boy), saved Rick Grimes from being eaten by zombies, you knew this dynamic duo would be unstoppable. They became family and helped each other since that day forward. Up until now, Rick and Glenn have developed a brotherhood that comes once in a lifetime. 

  • Rick and Shane’s bromance turned into baby mama drama.

Rick and Shane were good friends as well as fellow police officers before the zombie apocalypse hit. Then after it hit, Rick and Shane were split up and Rick ended up alone. In the meantime, Shane along with everyone else that knew Rick, thought he was dead. So Rick’s wife Lori had been sleeping with Shane and Shane had become somewhat of a father figure to Rick and Lori’s son Carl. Then Rick shows up at this camp site and has no idea what’s going on. This leads to Rick finding out, Shane and him brawling, Shane ends up becoming a zombie and Rick kills him. 

  • Carol saved everyone at Terminus when you least expected it.

Carol started out as a weak and dependent woman that was being beaten by her husband. Then she became this woman warrior and she came to the rescue when everyone needed her the most, at Terminus. Terminus seemed like a dreamy safe-spot for everyone, but it ended up being a group of cannibals that kills and eats the people that join. Everyone including Rick, Daryl and Glenn were all about to be slaughtered until Carol arrived and saved the day like a boss.

  • When Lori died from labor and baby Judith joined the zombie apocalypse.

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, there is never a right time to go into labor. Especially when zombies are breaking through the outside barriers of the prison (home-base). Lori goes into labor and ends up delivering the baby by getting her stomach brutally cut open. She ended up losing a lot of blood, and died immediately. Then before she could turn, she was killed by her son. On the brightside, baby Judith is so precious and she is growing up so fast.

  • Witnessing the show's most hated character, the Governor.

The Governor was introduced as this cool leader of a small safe community called Alexandria. We quickly discover that he has a good bit of issues deep down. Not only did he keep cut-off zombie heads in fish tanks around his house, but he also kept his zombie daughter alive in a closet. If this doesn’t scream crazy then I dont know what does. He quickly becomes jealous and envious of Rick’s community at the prison and he tries to take over and battle with Rick’s group. Clearly, things don’t go as planned and he not only got stabbed in the eye by Michonne, but he literally gets stabbed in the back. What a moment to remember!


  • Maggi and Glenn’s romance.

From the moment Maggie and Glenn met on her family farm, you knew something was going to happen between them. They quickly became love interests, because after all you don’t have many options in the zombie apocalypse anyway. They ended up tragically separating when the prison they took refuge at was ambushed. They had quite the journey to find each other once again. Now they are expecting their first child and hopefully nothing happens to either of them (but something totally might happen).

  • Watching Daryl’s character develop into the daring daddy of the group.

In the beginning, you weren’t quite sure how trustworthy Daryl was going to be as an individual joining a group. He seemed super rough around the edges and personality wise he was a cold-hearted individual. After he joins Rick’s group, he becomes an essential part of the family. He becomes this sacrificing individual that would do anything for the others and even becomes somewhat of an uncle to baby Judith. Daryl has become a softy which makes him totally precious and a favorite character for sure.

  • Rick bit a guy’s ear off to save his son.

Rick totally shocked every Walking Dead fan when he took a bite off a bad guy’s ear. One of the creeps threatened to rape his son Carl, that’s when Rick went crazy. This was such an intense moment and I never thought Rick would do that so it was jaw dropping to watch. 

  • That one time Rick and Michonne hooked up.

Fans did not expect for this to happen, but it did. This was a vulnerable moment for the two, they had lost parts of their families, they struggle everyday to stay alive, and at the end of the day they don’t want to be alone. This is when it happened (plus after a few drinks and a couple laughs), they finally let loose and shocked their viewers. Richonne totally became a thing for a second in Walking Dead history.

  • When Carl got his eye shot.

This part not only horrified me but it shocked me because it was so unexpected! You see a gun go off and you think it hit Rick, but it ends up hitting Carl in the eye. After this happened, Carl begins wearing an eye patch because he definitely lost his eye. 

  • Being introduced to the evil Negan.

Negan, the leader of the Savior’s (a radical and dominate group of the apocalypse), come’s into play at the end of season six. Rick’s group had killed some of Negan’s group as a payback and eventually Rick’s group gets caught and outnumbered by the Savior’s. Negan has all of Rick’s group line up on their knees and basically bow down to him. He begins threatening each of them with his baseball bat wrapped in barbwire which is terrifying to watch as an avid fan.

The Walking Dead has had the best, worst, craziest and most zombie-licious moments happen since the show aired. It’s no wonder they have made it to season seven which, by the way, is officially premiering on Sunday, October 23, on AMC at 9 p.m. (EST). So tune in to see what happens following up the alarming season six wrap-up.


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