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10 Reasons You Should Vote for Pete Buttigieg

There are currently 20 Democrats running for president in the 2020 election, but out of the group of popular politicians, one has been gaining attention. Pete Buttigieg (aka Mayor Pete) is my favorite candidate for president. Aside from his adorable family with his husband Chasten and dogs Buddy and Truman, here are 10 reasons that Mayor Pete is great.

He’s Smart

We need a president who is smart enough to understand different policies. Pete is definitely smart; he graduated from Harvard and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford.

He’s Young

As a millenial, Pete understands the struggles that younger generations deal with.

He’s Pro-LGBT+

If elected, Pete would be America’s first gay president. Together, Pete and his husband support the entire LGBT+ community.

He’s a Veteran

Pete served in Afghanistan for 7 months, so he understands all that the armed forces do for our country.

He Wants to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana can help people with a variety of medical conditions – Pete understands this, and he wants to legalize medical marijuana across the country.

He Supports Planned Parenthood

Pete supports Planned Parenthood because he understands that Planned Parenthood is much more than a place for women to get abortions – it provides reproductive healthcare for women who cannot afford it.

He Cares About the Planet

Pete cares about the planet, so he wants to implement a Green New Deal and create a 100% clean energy society.

He Wants to Help Immigrants

Pete wants to make it easier for immigrants to become American citizens.

He Wants to Stop Gun Violence

Pete wants to end gun violence by increasing background checks and making it harder to purchase a gun with common sense gun laws.

He Cares About Middle and Lower Class Workers

Pete wants to raise wages, support unions, and protect workers’ rights.

No matter who you support, make sure to go out and vote!



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