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10 Reasons Why You Might Be Lowkey Dating Your Roommate

You two can walk around with no bra or pants on and it’s completely normal.

When you two can look at the same person and automatically know each other is judging that person.

You know exactly how and when they want their macaroni and cheese.

 There’s an unspoken mutual agreement for Dunkin' Donut dates.

Watching numerous hours of Game of Thrones is a perfect night in for the both of you.

Not sharing your food and drinks is rude at this point.

It’s also rude to not share alcohol.

You guys can’t be apart for more than three hours and if you are, numerous Snapchats are sent.

When you’re drunk and they’re the one and only person you think about and send texts/Snapchats to.

You guys fight like a real couple and always make up and say I love you.

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I'm a senior English major with a focus in writing studies and I hope to someday write for a publication within in Lancaster area. I drink more coffee than I probably should, my cat is my baby, and I'm obsessed with my planner. You'll always find me on campus in the library with a cup of coffee in hand! 
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