10 Products Every Beauty Queen Should Use

My name is Angelica Lopez, and I am a make-up F-A-N-A-T-I-C! I live, breathe, sleep and dream about make-up all the time. I am an avid user of Instagram and Pinterest because I am always on the search for new and exciting make-up products and ideas. Yes I do spend a good amount of time on it, but its something I enjoy doing, its like a form of art for me. I am not the type to only buy cheap drugstore make-up, but nor am I the type to buy all the expensive Sephora make-up. I use a combination of both which works for me. Since I am constantly testing out new products and looks, I thought I would share some of my personal favorites with my fellow #girlbosses to encourage you ladies to check out these seriously awesome products!

Primer: Hourglass $56

So I think it is essential to have a good quality primer because that is what is going to keep your make-up on all day and also what will make it look untouched. I tried this primer in a smokey eye-shadow kit that I had gotten at Sephora which was an awesome deal. It honestly keeps your face on all day long and makes your face feel silky smooth plus non-oily! 

Foundation: Milani $12

I firmly stand by this foundation because it truly is 2-in-1 and it is anything but a cakey foundation. It is a very transparent foundation that has flawless coverage as well as great all-day wear as well.

Translucent Looose Setting Powder: Laura Mercier $42

This setting powder is the lightest face poweder I have ever used consistency wise, but I love it. It is the perfect powder for baking which lightens under your eyes and provides an even complexion. This is totally worth the splurge!

Illuminator: Becca Shimmering Skin Percfector Pressed Powder $38

This is by far my FAVORITE product of all time! I do not think that any girl has her make-up fully finished until she puts some illuminator on. I us this all the time which makes me feel like a greek goddess, I am obsessed with it.

Brow Palette: E.L.F. $3

As compared to Sephoras eyebrow palettes and kits, this $3 E.L.F kit is everything you need to have the perfect set of brows for a cheap price. 

Liquid Liner: NYC $3

One thing I could never live without is black liquid liner. I have used this ever since high school which allows me to do my liner in less than a minute now. This liner is long-lasting and easy to apply.

Glitter Eyeliner: Urban Decay Heavy Metal $20

This product is another one of my go-tos for when I am going out or if there is a special occasion. It has a high glitter content and doesnt rub off easily, it is long-lasting. I swear you can see this glitter from mars!


Eyeshadow: Morphe 350 Palette $23

This Morphe palette is literally my life goals of shimmer eye-shadow. Ranging from burgandy and bronze to copper tones, this has the perfect glitter look for anyday or just special occasions. 

Falsies: Huda Beauty, Samantha #7, $23

You do not have complete look without the right set of Huda Beauty false lashes! These are usable up to about 16 times so they are worth the retail value since you can re-use them so much. They look very full and it doesnt bug the eyes at all.

Liquid Lipstick: Matte Liquid Lipstick, NYX Lip Lingerie $8

I very rarely use matte liquid lipstick because my lips feel extremely dry, until I found this line of NYX lipsticks. They have been repeatedly compared to Kylie Jenners notorious lipkit line of lipstick products which are valued at high-end prices. I have three of these and I adore them. Not only do they have an awesome assortment of colors, but they are great quality for drugstore make-up.

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite beauty products! I hope you may have gained a new item or two to try out for yourself in you your next beauty routine. Stay glammed and stay beautiful my make-up queens!