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10 Killer Makeup Looks for Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

It’s official – Halloween is right around the corner! For those of us who are makeup fanatics, Halloween is the best holiday of the year, since it’s an opportunity to really experiment and go all out with our makeup. Here are some awesome ideas for how to do gorgeous looks for trick-or-treat night, whether they’re scary or sweet, or whether or not you’re super skilled with a brush.


1.) Skeleton

The skeleton look is a classic. This picture is just a basic start to the Halloween look – dark eyes, a sharp contour, and simple lines to create a long, lipless mouth! You can make this as basic or complicated as you want, or as creepy or pretty as you want! Have fun with it!


2.) Cat

Dressing up as a cat for Halloween is another timeless classic! You can always just go with a cat eye, nose, and whiskers, but it’s even more fun to add some gold eyeshadow and freckles! Pair this with an all black outfit, and you’re good to go!


3.) Mermaid

A mermaid look for Halloween is beautiful and unique! You can always start with some colorful eye makeup, and to get those gorgeous scales, rip up an old loofah or some fishnet tights, and simply do your makeup through the holes. You’ll look fin-tastic!


4.) Fairy

If you’re a flower or glitter queen, this look is for you! A fairy is the kind of look that allows you to completely express yourself, through colors, details, and whatever your signature look is! You can make yourself into a scary fairy or a pretty one, and you can pair it with a flower crown, stars, butterflies, or whatever suits you! Go all out, you’ll be enchanting!


5.) Comic

The comic book character is super trendy right now, whether you’re basing it off of a favorite series or the Snapchat filter! It’s not too complicated to do on yourself, either. Simply do your normal makeup – eyeshadow, lipstick, eyebrows, and foundation – then give a really dark outline to any sharp lines on your face, like your cheekbones, nose and chin. Add whatever other details you want, and bam! You’re all set!


6.) Egyptian Queen

The Cleopatra look is one that all of us makeup-lovers have tried before or dreamed about trying, and here’s your chance to show it off! An Egyptian queen has a signature design around her eyes, signature gold colors, and lots of opportunities for glitter. Show everyone the true queen you are!


7.) Deer

If you’re not looking for something scary or too dramatic, a deer is the look for you! It’s always pretty, and all it takes is a black nose and top lip! Add some white spots around your face to turn yourself into a fawn, and give yourself a good wing to shape your eyes. Everyone will be fawning over how cute you are!

8.) Sugar Skull

Sugar Skulls are an awesome way to express yourself on Halloween, because there’s no set look you have to follow! You can make it as detailed as you want, and you can use whatever colors or designs you feel like! It’s a great way to be creative and look amazing at the same time!


9.) Witch

Being a witch is a Halloween classic! Give yourself a mean contour, dark lips, add some wicked witch green, and voila! People will be bewitched by your makeup magic!


10.) Wonder Woman

Let your inner superhero shine! You can become the comic version of this heroine or put your own twist on it, or even become your own hero! Whatever the case, you’ll look fabulous! 


Rock the glitter, have fun, and stay safe this Halloween, ladies!


HCXO, Lola 


*All images courtesy of Pinterest

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