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If you’re anything like me, you may have trouble picking a single hobby and sticking to it. I find I can get bored rather easily by only having one hobby. Instead, I have really loved having a bunch of different hobby options to turn to depending on my mood. Usually I will be really into these hobbies for a couple weeks, and then I will switch it up again. Most of the hobbies I enjoy doing and find the most relaxing are creative-based, so without further ado, in no particular order, here’s my list of 10 creative hobbies I have loved doing.


While I know it may not generally be considered a creative hobby, I treat it as one. For me books are creative in the ways in which I can imagine worlds and get lost inside the mind of someone else for a bit. It’s a creative escape, driven by imagination. As a soon to be English teacher, reading is a staple for me. I would say this is my most constant hobby, but sometimes I read a couple books in a week and other times it takes me three weeks to read one book.

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Cross stitching has been a really fun creative endeavor for me! While similar to embroidery, it offers more consistent patterns, or you can even create your own! I have found it easiest to look at the examples of others for inspiration and to adapt the things that have already been done.


I have crocheted on and off since I was in middle school, and I find it to be one of the most relax craft activities. One issue I have with crocheting, is the need to count. I can get lazy with counting, so I tend to pick projects that only require counting at the beginning and then I can zone off and ignore the counting. This is a great hobby to do while watching TV or listening to a podcast!


Again, I know this may not be considered a creative hobby for some, but I find this to be creative thinking! Most years around the holidays, my dad and I will tackle a large puzzle or two. I find this to be a good brain break if I have been working on homework or something too, because it requires a different type of thinking and visual processing.

Friendship bracelets

Bracelet making has been a fun craft for me since I was a little girl. Whether it was using embroidery floss or beads, I was all over making and giving out friendship bracelets. This is very repetitive which is part of what I like about it because then you can be watching or listening to something as you work. I love being able to choose my own colors and create fun designs too!


Zentangling is like a fancy form of doodling. I had a lot of fun with this here and there. I would look up ideas online and try to emulate them. I never was the world’s best drawer, but I had fun trying out some of these doodles!


Ever since I was in middle school, I have really, really enjoyed writing. I actually fell in love with writing everything from essays to poetry. I find it to be such a creative means of expression. Writing for me is deeply personal, and it has been incredibly formative for me throughout life. Writing is a way to get things out on a page and leave it all behind for a bit.


I think most people had a phase where coloring was a creative hobby. When I was little, my mom would give me a bucket of crayons and a coloring book, and I would be entertained for hours. I would dump all the crayons out and scribble away. I still love to color now, though I don’t do it as often. This is another craft activity I find really calming.


I have a love hate relationship with painting because I really enjoy doing it, but I’m not that good at it. I can’t make anything crazy beautiful or intricate. I can make some simple things I feel like have turned out well! I do find it mostly relaxing however, so I continue to do it when I feel the urge to paint something!

Bullet journaling

This has been a more recent creative hobby development for me. While, I haven’t gotten as into it as some people may, I do keep a book bullet journal where I record information about all the books I have read and what I hope to read. I find doing a bullet journal for everything in my life, feels a bit much, but it’s a super fun way to track my books. 

I hope you consider checking out some of these hobbies! I know I have found a lot of enjoyment from these activities!

Natalie Flory

Millersville '23

Natalie Flory is a senior English Education major with a minor in English as a Second Language/Linguistics at Millersville University. In her free time, Natalie loves reading young adult books, crocheting, writing, and spending time with family and friends.