10 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Summer is finally over, so that means the next season is upon us--AUTUMN! Not only does the season bring many outdoor activites like pumpkin picking or pumpkin spice everything, it also brings us the next season of fashion. Fall is personally my favorite season for fashion because the weather is so comfortable. You aren't sweating to death like you are in summer, you aren't freezing to death like you are in winter, but you feel just right. It is also a great season to accessorize with hats, scarves and especially fall boots. I want to share my 10 fall must haves so all you fashionistas out there can be flawless and stylish!

1. Knit dresses are definitely on the list.

They are easy to wear. Throw on a pair of knee-high boots and a chunky necklace and you have yourself an outfit that is on-point.

2. Biker jackets never go out of style.

You can't go wrong with biker jackets because they go with EVERYTHING! I like to pair mine with army green skinny jeans and a pair of loafers.

3. Boyfriend jeans never looked this good.

With a pair of ankle booties, a scarf and a sweater, you have a bangin' outfit that looks fall-tastic!

4. A classic trench coat is the fall go-to.

A classic trench coat can be paired with anything, which makes it a definite must-have that is so classy yet so effortless.

5. Plaid is so pretty.

I love to wear plaid in the fall time because it goes so well with a nice watch and a pair of knee high boots. It is so comfortable too, which makes it perfect for chilly weekend adventures.

6. Floppy hats are the bomb.

Floppy hats literally scream FALL! It is the prime season for wearing hats, floppy hats are so beautiful and they come in fall colors like neutral, tan and burgundy.

7. Knee high-socks are scandolous and stunning.

Keep it cozy-chic with a pair of knee-high socks, boots and a pretty dress. These socks are also great to accessorize with knee-high boots. 

8. Chunky scarves are too cozy NOT to wear.

When the weather gets chilly, you need to breakout your chunky scarves! Not only do they warm you up, but they look so cute paired with a jacket.

9. Ankle booties are to fall in love with.

Ankle booties are another item that can go with anything from a dress to a pair of jeans. They look fall-chic and they are so comfortable you can't hesitate to make them your go-to pair of shoes!

10. Loafers are so classy.

They come in various prints like cheetah, plaid and even solid-colored leather. They are easy to slip on when running late for class, or for a simple outfit that looks prim and proper.

Thanks for checking out our fall must-haves! We want you to stay warm, stay classy and embrace the seasonal trends like these!