Why Are We So Obsessed With Tasty Videos?

Why are we so obsessed with Tasty videos? The viral videos that I’m sure have taken over your Facebook timeline are addicting. Whether you’re scrolling through them during class or have them on loop when insomnia kicks in, you know the struggle. Relatable? Keep reading.

For those of you who are somehow unfamiliar with the videos I’m referring to, here’s a brief summary. Tasty videos, originating as a Buzzfeed product, are short 15 second videos of simple, delicious-looking recipes being made. The videos aren't restricted to one area of food and include things such as desserts, appetizers, the best hangover foods, you name it.

I think the first rationale for our obsession is the format of the videos. The sped-up 15 second videos that are taken from a bird’s eye view are so accessible. You can simply scroll down your timeline and watch, no sound or further action needed. Further, Tasty has brilliantly omitted the entire monotonous prep process and skip straight to the good stuff.

The next reason for our addiction is the subject itself: food. As college females, we love food! Further, so does everyone else. Food is incredibly marketable due to our persisting want and need.

Finally, in terms of millennials, Tasty videos are genius. We are always looking for the next meme or relatable video to send to our friend to watch them snicker from across the room. What is more relatable then food, then churro ice cream bowls? Further, on this line of thinking, we always have our phones. So putting these short videos with a hyperlink to their full recipe at our fingertips is practically genius.

Tasty videos have become a widespread, persistent obsession. Due to their approachable format, subject matter and accessibility, we can’t stop watching. And that’s okay. Just don’t leave the stove on when you get lost in the loops of the mesmerizing videos.