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Over the past few weeks, the KVD Good Apple Foundation has been going viral on Tik Tok. From internet-famous makeup artists, such as Mikayla Nogueria, to small, random accounts just having fun, this foundation has been taking over. KVD Good Apple Foundation comes in 40 different shades, offers full coverage, and can be purchased for just $38!

The reason this foundation is going viral is because of its ability to apply for full coverage without feeling like there are pounds and pounds of makeup on your face. The videos show individuals applying the Good Apple Foundation to see its capability to blur one’s imperfections. Viewers are amazed by the way this foundation has appeared on a wide range of individuals with different types of skin. 

Some people wanted to dig even deeper and show the results of how this foundation lasts over time. Many people claim it came off shortly after, or that their skin felt oily after several hours of wearing it, however, others continue to rave about the Good Apple Foundation. After videos came out about the foundation not being suitable for all-day makeup wear, it was noted that the Good Apple Foundation is targeted at individuals with dryer skin. This totally made sense given the only true complaints were people feeling oily/ greasy after wearing it over the duration of a couple of hours.

With that being said, I had to give this foundation a try! I went to Ulta to purchase the product. Upon arrival, I expected nothing less than the foundation to be short in the stock. With minimal shades left, I chose one out of the limited options they had that best matched my skin. I found the foundation to be decently priced in comparison to drug stores and higher-end makeup brands. When I applied the foundation, I was in awe at the initial result: my skin looked smooth and did not even feel like I had makeup on. However, after about 2-3 hours my skin did appear to be oiler than usual. Nevertheless, I will for sure continue to use this foundation for its coverage and ability to give a lightweight feel. If your skin is on the dryer side and you are looking for a new full-coverage, lightweight foundation, the KVD Good Apple foundation is definitely for you!  

Dara Etter

Miami '23

Hey! My name is Dara Etter and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Miami. I am double majoring in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. I grew up in a small suburb right outside of New York City called Tenafly, New Jersey. In my free time, I love spending time with friends, going to the beach, and exploring new places for the best food, clothing, and activities.